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“You need to have the right people doing the right thing using the right tools in the right way for the right purpose.” Kara Morgan-Workplace Efficiency expert.

On Empowered 4x Bizgrams Episode 2, our guest, Kara Morgan, talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and her company PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions.


Who is Kara Morgan?  What Challenges Did She Face?

Kara Morgan is the owner and founder of PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions and a mother of two. She has also been an anti-racism educator and facilitator for over 30 years. 

Kara’s entrepreneurship journey started back in 2012. Before this, she had over 20 years of experience in implementing Business Management Processes, and systems in the public and private sector for professional service providers. Now Kara works collaboratively with business owners and entrepreneurs, to expose operational inefficiencies and process gaps that may have gone unnoticed.

However, it was not always a breeze for Kara as she faced many challenges leading up to her success. Not only was she not being acknowledged for her work, but Kara also was not given any flexibility in her schedule.

This was one of the main reasons Kara wanted to use her skills and choose who she wanted to work with, to have the flexibility in her schedule to balance her personal life and be there for her kids. 

About PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions and their Services to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Kara’s business, PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions Inc. is a boutique consultancy that provides advice and business management processes to professional service providers and startups to increase their Workplace efficiency.

Their primary focus is to build efficient and sustainable businesses using digital automation and scalable operations systems that grow their client base and reduce costs. 

Planit! Efficiency Solutions also focuses on products that implement efficiency, such as solar-blind products, for instance, that reflect heat in the winter and deflects in the summer, blocking 85% of glare and lowering heating costs by 40%. 

As an entrepreneur, Kara has successfully created a service to improve operational efficiencies and process gaps to help uproot the source of the challenges faced by many small businesses today and overcome being underestimated.

A helpful tip Kara gives to entrepreneurs on their own journeys is to “Be ready, be prepared, it’s going to be a bumpy road. Don’t expect that everything is going to work out on the first try. Be realistic about things like that, and just remember the important parts of your business and not necessarily the visible parts. So your backend is important and sets up a good foundation

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Bizgrams Ep 2

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 2, Chris-Beth asks Kara to share one funepical self-love and self-care tip, and her response was eating her favourite ice cream (Butter Pecan and Haagen Daz Caramel Cone Explosion) to treat herself after a rough week or to celebrate and reward herself.

You can catch the discussion with Chris-Beth on Kara Morgan’s, the limits and how being underestimated actually worked in her favour in the next blog, Silver Lining of Kara Morgan’s life-People’s Underestimation!

Watch Kara Morgan’s video: Bizgrams Episode 2: Bizgrams with Kara Morgan

Looking over Kara’s journey as an entrepreneur, ask yourself, what challenges have you faced to achieve success?

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