Do You Need A Professional Business Address in Ontario?

Starting at $9.99/month, you can obtain a virtual office address AND the added value of our entrepreneurial community at Empowered 4x!

What's Included In The Virtual Office Package?

professional mailing address

A real business address you can use whenever, wherever.

Access to business sUPPORT AND tOOLS

A team of professionals ready to assist you in your business endeavours.

our community cluster

Join our business group to expand your network and gain more insights.

empowered 4x HQ office day pass

Free access to our office space and the amenities associated.

Benefits of a professional mailing address

Sometimes your home address isn’t enough for your business needs. This is where a virtual office comes in handy.

A real office address you can use on your company documents, website, business cards or web listings.

No need to publish your home address online, with a professional business address you can protect your privacy and have peace of mind.

A business office address without the price premium that comes with long-term commercial leases.

Your New Professional Addresses

And Many More Benefits

Join Our

Expand Your Business Network


  • Virtual meetups where entrepreneurs share their journeys, challenges, and network within the community
  • Info regarding grants and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Tips and strategies for entrepreneurship
  • Relevant government support updates for small businesses

Enjoy A FREE Day Pass At The Brampton Location

Offer Valid Once A Month

Receive Access To Our Facilities & Amenities:

  • high-speed internet
  • coworking space
  • common areas and kitchen
  • free parking

Meet The Business C.R.E.W

Chris-Beth Cowie: Entrepreurship Coach
Ryan-Oneil Knight: Social Enterprise Coach
Creative Journey To Success
Pepper Brooks: Marketing Strategist
Derrick Fagan: Cinematographer
Harpreet Gil: Financial Advisor
David Rogers: Business Advisor

A team of industry experts ready when you are.

Receive up to 1 hour of free consultations each month with our industry leaders to get you up to speed in your business!  You will also get discounted rates after your first consultation.

The Virtual Office Package

Get Your Professional Mailing Address

Build Your Business Network

Grow Through Resources

Our clients say

"Definitely the place to be in Brampton if you are an entrepreneur. They are very warm and accomodating. They gave me the best option for my situation. It is quiet enough for working and the staff have an immense professional network to connect you with the right people."
Maya Patel
"This is the best coworking space in Brampton. Very affordable, clean and tidy. The business crew is very efficient. Great staff and tons of amenities. Thank you Raj (Manager) for assisting me with all my needs."
Rohini Awasthi
"They host the best events for entrepreneurs. I have used the space a lot of times and empowered 4x is the best coworking space in Brampton to work from. Staff is really helpful and friendly. Amazing vibe. Check out their events on their website. Very helpful for growth "