Empowered 4x Virtual Office Location Partner

Unlock New Opportunities and Maximize Revenue as an Empowered 4x Virtual Offices Location Partner

Enhance Your Business by Offering a Highly Sought-After Virtual Office Solution.
Join us as a Location Partner and experience the power of our Virtual Office partnership in elevating your business success.

Who Can Become a Location Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Location Partner make sure you meet the following requirements

  • Location Partners should have a physical space and a commercial address that can be used for our members to receive mail & packages
  • The space should have a lease agreement of 3 years and more
  • The space should have a way to secure mail and packages of clients


Please note that you need to meet ALL the criteria in order for you to become a partner. 

how it works

How it works


Fill out the form and sign the agreement


Receive mails/packages addressed to our clients at your location and notify us.


The client will receive a notification from Empowered 4x about their mail and decide if local pick up, forwarding (add-on) or scanning is required.


The client will pass on the instruction to you regarding the task to be executed.


Schedule pick up or send the scanned or photographed image to Empowered 4x HQ email address.


Get paid 40% per registered members

What We Will Do For You

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Why Become a Location Partner

Partnering with Empowered 4x as a Virtual Office Location Partner comes with numerous benefits:

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Current Partners

Make It Your Space

Partner with Empowered 4x and Make It Your Space. You can offer to clients a prestigious business address they can rely on. As an Empowered 4x virtual office location partner, you’ll expand your service offerings and attract new clients by offering this sought-after feature

About Empowered 4X

Empowered 4x is a Business Centre & Coworking Space in Brampton. Inspiring, motivating and empowering leaders and entrepreneurs to make a positive difference. We cater to all societies and are also inclined towards helping and uplifting Bipoc entrepreneurs.

Members get access to great resources and opportunities to empower their personal growth and amplify their venture or social enterprise.

Resources include a professional mailing address, access to the Business C.R.E.W. for professional service support, monthly community cluster, member pricing on rentals and tickets, revenue sharing opportunities and lots more.