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Cherriton Knight
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“Having a thirst for knowledge. You can never know enough.” Cherriton Knight 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 16, our guest, Cherriton ‘Cher’ Knight, talks about entrepreneurs’ expanding their knowledge around research and resources in the industry market. 

Cherriton’s on Utilize your Resources 

Time is a precious commodity, which involves managing family and business. The cell phone calendar organizes Cherriton, and sticky note pads create a regiment 

 Challenges entrepreneurs face are accessing resources towards mentorship, navigating to pivot their business. Cherriton had the privilege of connecting with Black Chambers of Commerce Canada, E4x, and ACBN.

Attending the Business Legacy Symposium two-day event was a fantastic opportunity for Cherriton. In addition, the job fair was a wonderful experience, which allowed her to network and showcased her products.      

Cherriton Knight’s Plans for Ebony Occasions

Cherriton shares her plans for Ebony O, which includes preparing a SWOT analysis of the business ready for a post-Covid atmosphere. Another strategy is to have Ebony Occasions greeting cards in the big box stores across Canada and the United States. Lastly, setting up Ebony Occasions to be available in the E-Cards space. 

Cherritons’ passion is to give back to the community by providing scholarships for African Caribbean community youth, focusing on their academics.

Connect with Cherriton!

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cherriton-knight-424306a0/?originalSubdomain=ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ebonyoccasions/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ebonyoccasions/?hl=en


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Relating to Cherriton’s story, who is your target market?

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