The World of Accounting with Amit Bhundhoo

Amit Bundhoo- Expert on Financial Literacy
Bhundhoo Tax Professional Corporation- An Accounting Company

“If you don’t have a plan, then the mission that you’re set on it will never come to fruition.” – Amit Bhundhoo. 

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 9, our guest Amit Bhundhoo talks about his journey as an entrepreneur. Also, he introduces his company Bhundhoo Tax Professional Corporation. 

Who is Amit Bhundhoo?

Amit Bhundhoo is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) and Bundhoo Tax Professional Corporation founder. He has ten years plus working in tax accounting. Also, he uses his skills and foresight to bring about positive change in the small business community around GTA.

Furthermore, Amit is the founder of Bhundhoo Tax’s new flagship program, “Savvy Cloudpreneur.”

Combining his accounting practice with this new social platform, Amit expects to take the small business community by storm. Also, he wants to help rebuild the economy in these uncertain times.

Moreover, Amit is a coach where he gets people to learn bookkeeping and a side business. It is elementary for Amithim to get people to be on the same page. Ultimately, he tries to teach people various things regarding bookkeeping, finances, etc. 

Definitely, one of his sole purposes as an entrepreneur is to get people to be more aware of their financial responsibility. 

In addition, Amit joined the Empowered 4x community because he searched for a community where his business can have a mailing address and enjoy coming in and doing some work. 

About Bhundhoo Tax Professional Corporation and Their Accounting Services

At Bhundhoo Tax Professional Corporation, Amit helps small and medium-sized businesses. First, he provides clients with an understanding of the mechanism behind their finances.

Second, they help businesses do their essential compliance. For example, filing tax returns and basic bookkeeping. Also, questions regarding their finances, bookkeeping, and many more!  

Third, Bhundhoo Tax Professional Corporation empowers entrepreneurs to understand the numbers and prepare for tax season. In general, understanding the in and outgoing activities of your cash flow as understandably the finances is the lifeblood of your business.  

As a tip, Amit Bhundhoo gives to entrepreneurs to plan, as simple as that. Above all, if you don’t have a plan, you can never complete your mission. “It will never succeed because you’re not planning how you’re going to get there.” 

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Bizgram Ep 9

To wrap up Bizgram Episode 9, Chris-Beth asks Amit to share one funepical thing he does to express self-love as an entrepreneur. Amit explains his self-love thing is to go for morning walks. “It’s something that uplifts me in the morning, trying to go outside for a 15-minute walk to get me through my day.” 

You can catch the discussion with Chris-Beth and Amit on the next blog, the importance of numbers related to building and growing our business, Understanding The Basics of Financial Literacy.

Watch Amit Bhundhoo’s video: Bizgram Ep 9: Bizgrams with Amit Bhundhoo 

Looking over Amit’s journey as an entrepreneur, ask yourself, what are ways you can be more financially responsible?

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