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“I always knew I could do better.” Oseye Cohen

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 12, Oseye Cohen describes the various challenges that take place in the world of Real Estate and Property Management.

About Oseye Cohen

Oseye Cohen is the author of the upcoming book ‘The Vulnerability of a Naked Property’ and Toronto’s Expert on Vacant Properties. She ensures the properties she manages are always up to code. Oseye put together her education from Seneca College & The University of British Columbia alongside her years of expertise to become one of the best in her field today. 

How did Oseye get into Property Management?

In the beginning, Oseye started as a Real Estate Investor and started to understand more about owning and managing properties. Oseye mentions how one tenant had caused immense difficulties for her and the other renters within the area. Ultimately, it led to various members leaving the property. Oseye also discusses going through the ‘Power of Sale’ process to evict the tenants due to the lack of rent she was receiving from the property. 

During the process of the ‘Power of Sale,’ Oseye described the process to be one of the most hectic situations she’s ever been a part of. In addition to the hardship she was facing, the management company handling her property treated her disrespectfully and didn’t help her through the process. 

Oseye stated her experience with that team led to her deep-diving into the world of mortgage underwriting. She described how she always knew she “could do better”. She wanted to make the process feel much more straightforward and stress-free for anyone that would land in a similar situation that she experienced. With that, her new journey involved going back to school, perfecting her skills, and being an expert on Vacant Properties.

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To express self-love, Oseye mentions she loves spending time with her children. She discusses how everyone at home turned her older daughter’s bedroom into a playroom for her five-year-old! She even has fun playing Just Dance with her family, where she gets to let loose and create memorable moments with her children. 

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Oseye describes how a negative experience got her into learning more and perfecting it to make the process hassle-free. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Tell us more!

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