The Practical Guide about the Art of Decluttering House

Jaycel Murphy- Decluttering expert
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“From a professional, practical lens, clutter is essentially anything that you are not using regularly, which is defined differently by different people in the house.” Jaycel Murphy

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 1, our guest, Jaycel Murphy, discusses the Art of Decluttering with her company, Love Cleaning Residential.

What is Clutter? How Does It Impact Yourself and Your Physical Environment?

In most circumstances, what we may see as clutter, might not be seen as clutter from another person’s viewpoint. Thus, the items seen as clutter in one area of a home may not be seen as clutter in another area of the house.

When clutter is identified, and you want to begin a clutter clearing, you want to ask yourself: “Does it bring me joy? Yes, I love it, but why do I love it? What does it do to my energy?” Jaycel said. An essential tip to keep in mind is that the emotional aspect of clutter items matter if the clutter weighs on your mind, such as the feeling of guilt for having or owning the item. 

It is important to consider during clutter clearing the assistance it is creating to integrate into a new family dynamic and our family practices.

Jaycel has introduced a project with Love Cleaning Residential for clients, customers, and fans inspired by her services. This project is called “Dear Clutter” and it allows individuals to share their stories and experiences with clutter. 

Know The Art of Decluttering to solve  Problems Clutter Creates for you

Jaycel has a strong belief that clutter can create a sense of overwhelmingness for clients at Love Cleaning Residential mention that they do not know what to do with items in their homes.

It is known that the clutter items are affecting client’s lifestyles, and clutter clearing is needed. Clutter can affect one’s productivity, stressor levels, and lack of focus. 

Love Cleaning Residential provides clients with exercise workshops. These workshops are run by Jaycel, and she leads individuals through a walkthrough, similar to a guided meditation. Jaycel would begin by leading her clients to a doorway of an area inside your home and asking clients to survey that area. The main focus is an energy check of the area.

During the discussion on Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams, Jaycel mentions that the items in our homes are directly connected to our identity, and it is seen as an extension of us. The connection can be someone who gave it to us, made it for us, or inherited it. 

There are situations where the story behind a clutter item is associated with a story, perpetuating harmful narratives. This can become a challenge since it can lean into clearing the least important items. 

Overall, the impacts surrounding clutter can negatively impact your lifestyle and the physical environment. Without corrective action to change the problems connected to clutter, there can be possible boundaries to face in order to begin a clutter clearing project.

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Based on Jaycel’s services provided by Love Cleaning Residential, what is your story and experience with clutter, “Dear Clutter”? 

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