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“Choose something you love, don’t go into it and think about the money.” – Jacqueline Anderson.

In Episode 13 of Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams series, Chris-Beth talks with Jaqueline Anderson to discuss her passion for cleaning and tips for starting a business.

Jacqueline Anderson’s Passion for Cleaning

Jacqueline has always been passionate about cleaning, from when she was a child to working at Strawberry Hills Hotel in Jamaica. Her training at the hotel with people from abroad had made her curious about the particular ways of cleaning. She was very interested, and her passion for cleaning motivated her to start Stewandy Cleaners Inc.

During the episode, Chris-Beth asks Jacqueline, “Why do you do what you do?” and Jacqueline answered, “Because I love it, I love cleaning,” and says that she passes her passion to the client. She explains that it relaxes you when the surroundings are clean, whether at home or in the workplace. A clean area can always make you feel more motivated and productive. Stewandy Cleaners Inc. is always focused on keeping the customer happy and satisfied with their services and passing on the passion to the client helps.

Jacqueline and her family put everything into her business. Her daughters and husband helped a lot. Everything they earned would go right back into funding the business, which significantly helped them turn Stewandy Cleaners Inc. into what it is today. Their hard work, dedication, and passion made Stewandy Cleaners.

Tips to Starting a Business

Jacqueline encourages people to choose something they love and enjoy doing while starting a business. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be passionate about your business. Jacqueline emphasizes that saying, “Think about the long term of the business, think about the legacy, think about why am I doing this, and then it will gradually make its way where you want it to be.”

Jacqueline started Stewandy Cleaners Inc. with her family because of their love and passion. Although Jacqueline faced many hardships and challenges, her passion and perseverance are what make her shine.

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