The Challenges Entrepreneurs Face with Raj Sanghavi

Chris-Beth Cowie and Raj Sanghavi

 “To see how people win is like seeing your family win.” Raj Sanghavi

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 15, our guest, Raj Sanghavi, talks about the issues entrepreneurs face in the marketplace.

What pain points entrepreneurs face currently in the marketplace?

Raj explained that many entrepreneurs have an idea or a business plan but do not have clarity. Sometimes people cannot define a type of their business, such as a non-profit, profit organization, or incorporated. As a result, they do not know what to do and how to do it.

The Business accelerator program at Empowered 4x guarantees that entrepreneurs will develop their business plan, learn how to do their business, and make it technologically advanced within six months.

Empowered 4x wants to ensure their entrepreneurs are ready for business prevents rejections of their business plan for investment, grant, or funding. In addition, E4x provides a mentor or business expert who takes the entrepreneur’s hand and walks through all business processes. 

Raj’s Reason

When Raj joined Empowered 4x, it was his first job in Canada and they spoke a lot about how they want to support and empower the entrepreneur community. That’s what keeps Raj driving to see how people win. 

Also, the satisfaction entrepreneurs get from different programs, mentorship, accelerators, or workshops gives joy to Raj.

Empowered 4x has the same vision and plans as Raj. For example, to create a comfortable place for entrepreneurs. Also, working with Chris-Beth, Raj got the feeling to be Empowered 4x can transform powerful energy into another person.

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Based on Raj Sanghavi’s benefits of a business accelerator, what benefits did you find useful for yourself? 

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