The ABC’s of Vacant Properties with Oseye Cohen

Oseye Cohen

“When someone comes to me for a job, I don’t treat them as a worker. I treat them as a business owner.” Oseye Cohen

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 12, Oseye Cohen tells us how learning from her mistakes led her to become Toronto’s experts in Vacant Properties. 

How Oseye Cohen became an expert in Vacant Properties

Oseye discusses her journey about landing into the world of vacant properties after being an owner of one herself. From difficult tenants to having to deal with the process of ‘Power of Sale’, Oseye gives us an insight into how the entire process works. She explains how her negative experience with it led to her wanting to learn more as well as expanding her knowledge to become one of the best in the field.  

While being an expert on vacant properties, Oseye strongly suggests avoiding the process of ‘Power of Sale’ in the first place. She describes how painstaking it can be for various owners.

Tips for Homeowners

Oseye mentions some tips for homeowners to share with our E4x Community!

  1. The importance of contacting your lender and seeking ways that would allow you to buy some time to secure funding.
  2. Reaching out to a broker that can help you seek out a second mortgage or any sort of refinance.
  3. For any lenders in the E4x Community, Oseye suggests to try to be a bit more compassionate. She understands lenders can’t always do that but giving the current homeowner some time and treating them with mutual respect leads to a much smoother process. 

Tips for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Oseye encourages contractors to view themselves as business owners. She adds to her point by stating how contractors usually tend to perform better when more responsibility is placed upon themselves. She emphasizes how that shift in their mentality can finally enable finance as well as allow them to work well with other business owners within the project. 

Oseye’s words help us understand the importantce of treating someone with the same respect we expect to receive. In every situation, it’s important to keep a calm mind and a respectful soul. 

Connect with Oseye! 

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Oseye values are treating everyone with respect and showing them how important they are. Do you agree with Oseye? Have you been in a situation where being respectful has paid dividends?

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