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“It’s important that we, as a global community, help our brothers and sisters, to be able to thrive better. And if we can provide an opportunity where they can help their families, help them be a contributing member to their society, then, we’ve done our job” (Joelle Cowie).

On Episode 17 of Bizgrams, Chris-Beth talks to Joelle Cowie about stepping out of your bubble.

Where Joelle’s Passion Came From

It started in 2018 when Joelle Cowie found out she was a sickle cell carrier. This opened her eyes to a whole different community of people. 

Joelle explains that “even though I heard of it, I didn’t think about it much, I don’t have sickle cell, but I opened my eyes to a whole community of people who need help. So then I was thinking, why am I so in my own bubble and not looking to help people even though I’m not directly affected by an issue?” 

In the beginning, their mission was to help people while focusing on their three main social branches: Health, Education, and Community. They launched their first give-back campaign in September 2020. A percentage of their sales would be donated to the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario since September is sickle cell awareness month. A second give-back campaign took place in April, 2021in collaboration with The Komenda Project, a non-profit organization that works with a school in Ghana and to help to provide school supplies to students and teachers.

Joelle believes it is important to raise awareness of different things that are going on around the world that so many people may not be aware of, but they can still contribute in some way.

Importance of Helping the Community 

Joelle explains that as global citizens it is essential for us to be aware of who is in need and help them, even if it’s just in a small way. For example, with Arlokea, Joelle describes that they’re just a drop in the bucket. Still, every seed has the potential to go a long way, even though we are not directly affected by issues in places like Ecuador and Vietnam. 

Joelle believes that it is crucial as a global community to help our brothers and sisters to be able to thrive better. Also, if we can provide an opportunity to help provide for their families and become contributing members of their society, we have done our job. 

Stepping Out Of Your Bubble

A tip Joelle gives to entrepreneurs is to be open to pivoting. For example, she explains that when she started, her initial plan was to do clothing. However, after talking to her mentor at Edge about being open and starting with something different, Joelle decided to start with jewelry. She explains that being open to the advice given and mentorship is super helpful. 

We are often items within our bubble, in our tunnel vision, thinking about ourselves and what’s in it for us, often forgetting about others around us. So one thing Joelle encourages everyone to do is to step into that truth and understand how you can do better for others as well.

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