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Ryan Knight- Successful Entrepreneur
Afro Caribbean Business Network

“I have realized that entrepreneurship is a tool that gives a level playing field to all those that want to partake. I envision helping youth all over the world experience entrepreneurship at least once during their learning journey.” Ryan Knight.

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 4, our guest, Ryan Knight, the successful business owner, shares his own experience of starting your own company. 

 Who is Ryan Knight, and what are his challenges to success? 

Ryan Knight is the founder of the social enterprise Detailing Knights, a mobile auto detailing service. Also, ACBN Canada, the Afro Caribbean Business Network, aims to provide resources for Black business owners to build sustainable and successful businesses.

Ryan has built multiple businesses over the last 11 years and spends a great deal of his time teaching young entrepreneurs in the community. After starting a social enterprise Detailing Knights, a mobile waterless car cleaning company, Ryan launched his first youth entrepreneurship program called Knighthood Academy. 

Ryan has a deep passion for his community and is one of the cofounders of the Afro Caribbean Business Network Foundation. A non-profit organization created to help entrepreneurs of African and Caribbean heritage not only start businesses but help their companies grow and become assets for future generations.

Ryan was not a businessman when he was about to establish his company. Instead, he worked as a pizza delivery driver and was laid off from a full-time job just before his wedding. However, his father and wife inspired and supported him to finish a diploma in finance. After that, he started his own business with his brother.  

What is the Afro Caribbean Business Network Foundation? 

The Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) was created to provide Black businesses with the resources they need to start, grow, and scale up. The company’s network encourages entrepreneurship and developing connections to help business owners stay engaged during their entrepreneurial journey and leave a lasting legacy. 

ACBN provides workshops and tools people need to scale their business up and take it to the next level. The company developed programs, compiled t, and as resources to serve all entrepreneurs such as people who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey, working on their side hustle, or a seasoned business owner who wants to scale up their business. 

ACBN has experts who have knowledge and experience for all stages in business. In addition, the organization provides the opportunity to improve and expand a business network with other business owners in the Black community and access the resources needed to create a sustainable company.

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Bizgram Ep 4

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 4, Chris-Beth asked Ryan to share a funepical thing that he does to express self-love. The funepical tip Ryan mentioned was games with his children. He likes “battles with Jasmine and Christian when dad turns into a big beast, and they try to take me down.” Ryan also mentioned, launched

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Based on Ryan’s Knight story of his success, starting The Afro-Caribbean Business Network and challenges, what challenges are you facing in your own business? 

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