We Beautify Boats- Spike on the Water!

Spike Desloges- Part of the BIPOC entrepreneurs community
We Beautify Boats by Spike

“It’s the way we beautify boats that separate us.” – WeBeutifyBoats

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 8, we spotlight Spike Desloges, an entrepreneur talking about what he is doing today. Also, he is sharing his plans for tomorrow. 

Who is Spike Desloges?  And His Journey to Spike on the Water

Spike started working in his pre-teen years when his father bought him a lawnmower. During these years, he was introduced to lawn-mowing during the summer, which sparked his entrepreneurial spirits.

Spike went to about 15 different schools before dropping out and then worked full time at 15 years. He then ventured off into many other jobs, such as a vacuum sales representative. As a result, it eventually led to the corporate circle in marketing and human resources.

Moreover, he used his spare time to clean boats during this co-op job. This sparked his interest in reapplying to school in the Marine Technology Program at Georgian College. Then, he transitioned to a Mississauga Marine Operator,  which involved refueling boats that run out of fuel in the middle of the water. His passion for boats was so strong that he gravitated towards beautifying boats and left his corporate job with the city. 

He currently works on doing everything to serve everyone. For example, he is improving his website to be accessible to everyone, especially the visually impaired community. 

What is We Beautify Boats?

Spike is the founder of We Beautify Boats, a premier boat detailing company that services Ontario. It started with just a bucket, brush, and boat soap. But now Spike grew his company to include a service crew, an auto detail shop, and his own branded products.

Spike and his crew provide different yacht services. For example, performing interior and exterior yacht detailing. Also, waxing, polishing, compound, wood refinishing, gel coat repairs, and steam cleaning from the canvas top down to the engine mounts.

 “Any boat bought, sold, burnt, sunk, rotten, riddled, or refused is our business to make beautiful! We work and play on the water every day. ” – WeBeautifyBoats.

In fact, the water is a space for everyone at some time in their life to have some memorable experience. Here in Toronto, we are near the beautiful Lake Ontario. We need to take advantage of the space to have a recreation space or even an office. The boating community is old school. Everyone you pass will say good morning. 

Connect with Spike!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webeautifyboats 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spikeonthewater/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spikeonthewater 

Website: https://www.webeautifyboats.com/

Bizgram ep 8

On the Bizgrams episode, Chris-Beth asked Spike his ‘Funepical’ thing. And for Spike, a funepical day looks like roller-skating with his dog through downtown Toronto. Also, he likes taking his boat out in the arisen blasting music. 

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth and Spike Desloges on Meeting on the Deck- Developing a Community!

Watch Spike Desloges video, Episode 8: Bizgrams with Spike Desloges 

After reading this blog, do you feel like going in the water with a boat and having fun too? 

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