Silver Lining of Kara Morgan’s life-People’s Underestimation

Kara's Silver lining

“You can’t let other people dictate you, what is your reality and even if they’re putting these things on you it’s really up to you to really accept them. but if you have another vision for yourself, go for it. That’s what you need to focus on.” Kara Morgan

On Empowered 4x Bizgrams Episode 2, our guest, Kara Morgan talks about how she overcame the challenges of limited expectations and how being underestimated became the silver lining in her journey.

Limiting Beliefs and Your Capacity

Limiting beliefs and failure are those elements that often hold people back. Kara mentions that during Black History Month, one of the things often heard is the experience of trauma, the hurt, lies, insecurities the world has put on Black individuals. 

The damage from that brutalization and slavery is your mental capacity, which carries on from generation to generation. But it also taught valuable skills such as resiliency and learning to overcome things by finding ways to cope. 

They were able to get through all that and put themselves on a much higher plane than those who were mentally deprived.

Kara understood that people who underestimate you and your capacity are doing you a favour. She realized that constantly underestimating herself and her ability to accomplish things had nothing to do with another person’s opinion of her. Everyone has a silver lining and this was the silver lining in Kara’s life. 

Kara’s Silver lining Story on not Believing in Other’s Opinions 

Kara Morgan uses her example of being underestimated. By the time she was 30 and working part-time, she was able to buy herself a house. Her married friends with two good jobs were just a belief people had that if you are a single mother or black or a woman, you couldn’t afford a house. 

Yet, Kara found a way. Maybe not through the traditional way of getting a mortgage, but instead took on the option of taking someone else’s mortgage and as a result was able to buy her house at the age of 30. 

Kara Morgan believes that if she had listened to the people who said she couldn’t do something or listened to the negative judgments made about her son, she would have assumed him a lost cause. 

Kara points out that you can’t let other people dictate your life or tell you what your reality is. It is your job to ignore these judgments by focusing on your vision and working towards it despite what people think. 

Kara emphasizes that you forge your own path, dictate your own trajectory, and view other people’s opinions of you as their problem. 

You should know what you are capable of, and if you don’t, find out, push yourself a little bit and understand that there are some mechanisms in society that want to limit people, want to limit women, and understand that’s a system they created. You can not buy into that system, and it is not going to serve you in the long run (Morgan, 2021). 


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