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Being organized and having your business plan gives immense self-confidence in entrepreneurship. Translate what’s in your mind to let others know about your idea”.

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 19, our guest Tara Omorogbe talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, gaining self-confidence and her enterprise Articulate Tee. 

Who is Tara Omorogbe and what are her services?

Tara Omorogbe is a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur, an HR professional and a training and development entrepreneur. She owns and operates Articulate Tee, which advises individuals on how to manifest opportunities and resources to improve their lives. She trains people and conducts webinars. She has done a training on team conflict and conflict resolution with the Toronto District School Board and next steps employment. She did her own webinar on IGTV called: “self-confidence for thriving you”, which allows a person to tap into their self confidence and explore possibilities that he/she thought had fear of. That’s how she helps transform people’s lives. She does free webinars once a month and also hires to do speaking engagements. 

Gaining self-confidence to overcome challenges and setbacks:

After experiencing a tragic situation over a family member with the Toronto police, she was charged 4 serious offences at a time when she was a government employee. Being homeless and managing being a single mother, she was denied legal aid for her expenses. She learnt the criminal system on her own, did everything and got over the charge alone without a lawyer. And she also received an apology with the Toronto police service. This boosted her self-confidence. While living in a shelter, she found people without any resources or financial support to take classes; were pleading and were depressed. Tara realized she had the ability to see the gap and speak up. She thought she was resourceful and had good communication skills. So, she tried to figure out how to use the resources in a way to help each other out, empower lives and increase self-confidence. Her passion lies with her business. Having experienced emptiness and self-deprecating thoughts at times, she went to the right entrepreneurship program. Then she had a business plan done and got her business launched as a sole proprietor. Since April 2020, she’s been conducting and launching webinars along with getting involved with the community. She deals mostly in B2B and she is hired through TDSP, next step employment etc. While on a one-to-one coaching session, she helps people explore self-confidence, organizations, putting words to action and personal finance. She was able to clear her personal debt and increase her credit scores. As a single mom, she sticks to a budget. 

If you are interested in doing a coaching session with her, reach out to her on Instagram and send her a DM on her email and explore options for what you are looking for and plan smart goals. 

When asked for a bit of advice for someone who is starting their business: “Be organized and have your business plan, “translate what’s in your mind to let others know about your idea . And then you can apply for grants”. 

Connect with Tara!  

Facebook: Articulate Tee

Instagram: @articulatetee 



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Looking over Tara’s journey as an entrepreneur, ask yourself, what are ways you can find your reason to be an entrepreneur and gain self-confidence.

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