Risk Management: An Unconscious Practice

Earl Anderson
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“Risk Management is something we do unconsciously every second of every minute and every day.” Earl Anderson

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 14, our guest, Earl Anderson, talks about Risk Management and ways to avoid risks as well as creating a well-balanced portfolio.

What is Risk Management? 

As a Strategic Financial Advisor at Oceans Group Investment, Earl’s main goal is to provide people with a sustainable lifestyle with financial security. 

In the Bizgrams episode, Earl stated that risk management is something people do unconsciously. According to him, risk management is forecasting future financial insecurities and protecting yourself from different factors that might cause them. Therefore, Risk Management is an integral part of future planning. 

How Can You Prevent Future Risks?

One of the important management tools they use for risk management at Oceans Group is insurance. According to Earl, insurance is about leveraging any possibility of something that can ruin your financial position and plan for that particular eventuality. 

Insurance policies can be used for various purposes and are the best investment to avert financial risks. However, Earl emphasized that entrepreneurs and business people need to assess their business and determine the multiple uncertainties ahead and plan for it. 

You can plan for all the risks and be ready for it but some things are inevitable, like the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody was prepared for it, and it effected many businesses. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to maintain a well-balanced portfolio of investments. 

What is a well-balanced portfolio? 

Part of Earl’s role is to collaborate with the client and increase their net worth by helping them make the right financial decisions and make a well-balanced portfolio. 

An investment portfolio is a collection of various financial investments that an individual has currently and can yield economic returns in the future. A well-balanced portfolio includes the asset that they surely know will grow, protect them from market downfall, and have liquidity. 

Earl explained that Ocean’s Group plans to collaborate within the Real Estate market to help and secure the process of investing in real estate for their clients. 

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Based on Earl’s experience, do you think Risk management is an integral part of business and is there any way business risks can be completely averted? 

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