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Christopher Trotman- Explain about Social Enterprise
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“The art of communication is the language of leadership” James Humes. 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 6, our guest, Christopher Trotman tells us about the important and mindful communication pieces. They are for social enterprises to help us move forward while helping the community. 

What is a Social Enterprise and its responsibilities? And how are they connected to Non-profit organizations?

Christopher Trotman described a social enterprise as “a private business that in its mandate, includes some sort of social benefit or social good, same as a non-profit, and can pursue grants and donation, and is funded by communities.”

He also added that “a social enterprise is a viable way to have a for-profit business that gives back to the community in a tangible way.”

Christopher explained, “imagine you are running an employment social enterprise. That looks at the vulnerable social group and seeks an employee from these vulnerable groups as a part of its business model.’

In fact, the difference between a social enterprise and a non-profit is that it has a business model for fundings from the profit it earned. In contrast, a non-profit doesn’t have any profits.

Interestingly, both organizations’ principles of message communication are still the same to reach their target market. 

How can a Social Enterprise reach its customers? 

Also, Christopher told us that the basic principle for communication is to know your stakeholders and your target market. Therefore, knowing your target market is very important for developing a communication strategy. Accordingly, it can help to speak directly to your target market. 

He also stated that in the past, communication was through flyers, posters, are still. But now, using digital methods of communication is essential as social media channels. For example, developing a website with content delivering our message to our target audience and a newsletter. It is beneficial to create continuous communication with current and potential customers.  

Christopher urged that it is essential to create channels that host your profile, like Instagram, Twitter, etc. & other media channels we have complete control of, like newsletters and websites. 

Why communicating a story is essential.

Christopher explained why communication is an essential aspect for all organizations, especially for social enterprises and non-profits. These organizations heavily depend on funding. Unfortunately, one has no control as the level of funding can reduce. Therefore, it is essential to tell our story and put ourselves in front of people to show them our impact on the community. 

Christopher also told us that storytelling starts with developing a communication strategy that outlines goals, objectives, target stakeholders, and different tactics to speak to these target stakeholders.

Who is the hero of a story?

Christopher emphasizes the critical aspect of storytelling: the customer is the story’s hero and going through the journey. You are the guide to help them on the journey. 

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Bizgram Ep 6

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Based on Christopher’s journey in communication, where do you think is the most potential or important piece for a social enterprise to grow and tell its story? 

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