Meeting on the Deck! Developing a Community

Spike Desloges- Part of the BIPOC entrepreneurs community
We Beautify Boats by Spike

“Examine the energizing and draining cause by people, place, and thing.” – Spike Desloges.

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 8, our guest Spike Desloges talks about what value you bring to a community as an entrepreneur. Also, about how you can expand your life.

Spike’s Twenty Years Success Guide with the community

In fact, to build relationships as an entrepreneur, it is key to seek answers from people who have walked the road. Moreover, it is important to consider reading books or finding a mentor through the pitfall of developing your business. Finally, you must ask yourself if you want to be guided throughout this process because it will assist you in creating a habit. This good habit can move you forward towards your goals.

Jim Rowe said, “success is the discovery, the creation of an idea, pulling something out of the depths of your mind that never existed before. Then, to further complete that success, a painting is made as a communication tool for that idea.”

Creating and serving space for people coming in has foundational values. First, it is love and respect around your life and others. Second, it is about the impact of time and value on yourself, your family, and friend. Lastly, taking the time to be good, great, and excellent.

All of this knowledge and skills Spike used over the 20 years in training the crew.

Challenges Faced in Becoming Spike on the Water.

There were several challenges that Spike faced when he entered the recreational space and community. First, as a man of color, he was treated with a lack of respect. As a result, he learned not to give up on what he loved to do and what he was passionate about. Second, technology malfunction, financial sustainability, especially being late for payroll. Sometimes clients skip out on paying their bills and are amazed by the adjustments created.

Despite the challenges, he will show up to interior and exterior yacht detailing, waxing, polishing, compounding, wood refinishing, gel coat repairs, and steam cleaning from the canvas top down to the engine mounts; that every customer gets the ability for “we work/you play on the water every day.”  – Webeautifyboats.

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Bizgram ep 8

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Relating to Spike’s story, What value are you bringing to the table? To be reasonable, great, and excellent. 

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