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Dionne Bishop
Events By Dionne

“I knew in my gut; we are not coming back, so I had to figure out virtual rapid, virtual events is not what everybody is trying to do.” – Dionne Bishop.

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 10, Dionne Bishop discusses her journey as an event host surrounding pivoting her company, Events by Dionne.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Events by Dionne

At the beginning of the lockdown, event host Dionne motivated herself to be in the space of gratitude because there is work to bring home.

However, Dionne was in the middle of freelancing with her event contracts at the beginning of March 2020. Unfortunately, the majority of the contracts got canceled, resulting in working from home.

From the viewpoint of an event host, “If you’re an event venue, there are no people, there is no work, there is nothing.” (Bishop, 2021)

That did not stop Dionne! For example, she began learning the virtual platform. In fact, the knowledge gained made Dionne realize that the virtual world is not a “one-woman show.” (Bishop, 2021) Also, it opened the reality of the difference between freelancing, where everything would fall into place and run smoothly with your eyes closed.

In addition, Dionne mentioned in her discussion that you should hire a virtual producer for anyone who is considering converting to virtual. So embrace virtual production 100% and get help!

The journey of Covid-19 dug deep within Events by Dionne. It got Dionne thinking about “How do I keep my career, is this where I am going to stay, how do I stay?” (Bishop, 2021)

Recommended Virtual Platforms

Constructed from the experience of the shift required to make after COVID-19, Dionne highly recommended Zoom. This platform is great for connections, meetings, and streaming to a large group of people.  

Another platform suggested is Hopin; this platform allows a business to grow with the ability to understand. Dionne highly believes that Hopin established its platform to listen to the Event Industry concerns.

To fully pivot towards the virtual world, Dionne has stressed bringing in a team early to have a conversation so they could recommend what platform is for your business (Bishop, 2021). 

Tips and Advice for Entrepreneurs from Event Host

To start a structured business, “Know your why” and surround yourself with people that will help you grow.

Before mentorship, Dionne mentioned preparing yourself to be ready. You will gain feedback that you may think you are doing something wrong but are making improvements. 

Dionne firmly trusts the mentorship that provides you with the feedback you need, not what you want to hear.

You couldn’t say it better than Dionne! “At the end of the day, you want to feel accomplished, set up metric:

  • What do you need to make this your success goal? 
  • How would you feel when you have accomplished something?
  • What are things I need to happen to make me feel successful and move the needle forward?” (Bishop, 2021)

Thus, Dionne encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to tackle one task at a time, opposed to a bunch of little tasks. As a result, you can get ahead faster with more grace and ease, peace of mind.

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Based on Dionne’s story about the impact of Covid-19, how would you pivot your business towards the virtual world?

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