Instagram Coaching and Brand Visibility with Annie McCaskey

Annie McCaskey

 “When you have that business, that passion, and you’re succeeding at it, it makes it so much easier to just keep going” – Annie McCaskey

On the 11th episode of Bizgrams, hosted by Chris-Beth Cowie, guest Annie McCaskey, the Founder of The Social Secrets, discusses all things Instagram coaching and building brand visibility. 

Who is Annie McCaskey? What Challenges Did She Face During Her Entrepreneurial Journey? 

Annie is the founder of The Social Secrets, where she provides Instagram coaching to female service providers. Since she was a little girl, Annie always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

It is no secret that Annie would grow up to be her own successful boss. Her first business was selling bath bombs and lotion bars which then led her into extreme couponing. In her senior year of high school, she even created a lash extension business.

I guess it’s safe to say that Annie was always an entrepreneur in the making. 

Most good things in life don’t come easy. Annie has faced many challenges throughout her journey to entrepreneurship. 

She struggled with ADHD, depression, and anxiety growing up. So when she found herself in-between jobs, she felt a lack of purpose and self-worth. Ultimately, she decided to find what makes her happy, which led her into the social media world.

She began as a Social Media Manager and eventually pivoted to being a coach. Annie credits her own life-changing to the coach she had invested in for herself. In addition, the community of people she found herself surrounded by, like mindset coaches, health professionals, etc. were all welcoming and only wanted to see her win in life. 

The Social Secret – Instagram Coaching and Brand Visibility 

Annie is the Founder of The Social Secret, working as an Instagram coach who helps female service providers develop powerful Instagram strategies so they can book out and build brand visibility. 

Instagram is my landing page if you will.” Annie has helped many women achieve amazing results when building brand visibility for their businesses. 

Annie’s social media secrets act as a guide to help others gain visibility online. She does this through 1 on 1 coaching and group coaching. 

Clients are also provided the chance to enroll in her hashtag expert mini-course for $27. The course ensures customers will be hashtag experts and will be able to cut the time it takes them to create hashtags in half. She states on her website, “no more wondering if your hashtags will perform well, GIRL WE KNOW THEY WILL.” 

If you’re looking to gain brand visibility online, Annie is your girl. 

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Chris-Beth wrapped up the Bizgrams episode asking Annie to share a funepical self-care tip. Annie bought a mini trampoline for her room. Also, she likes to dance partied by herself on the trampoline all the time. It is one you might want to try too! 

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What challenges have you faced or are currently facing in your journey? It is a reminder to keep pushing and working towards your goals.

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