How To Build Brand Presence With Annie McCaskey

Annie McCaskey

“When you have that business, that passion, and you’re succeeding at it, it makes it so much easier to just keep going” – Annie McCaskey.

On Episode 11 of Bizgrams, Annie McCaskey gives us tips on how to build brand presence while portraying an important message about understanding the importance of self-worth and seeing the value in yourself.

What Programs Does Annie Provide to Clients? 

Annie, Founder of The Social Secret, provides Instagram coaching to female service providers. If you are in need of building brand visibility on Instagram, then Annie is your go-to girl. 

Annie provides a 1-on-1 program which she is very passionate about. She tells clients that they will not be spending all day engaging with the ideal audience and instead will attract them through hashtags, content, and Instagram stories. 

Once the content begins reaching others, people will automatically know that they need them in their life. They will be ready to pay for the services provided based on the social media presence with Annie. 

What Tips and Strategies Does Annie Have for Building Brand Presence on Instagram?

Annie presented many valuable tips and strategies. To begin, she mentions learning as many engagement strategies as possible. 

She talks about her 3,2,1 method which includes:

  1. Going to an Instagram account of someone you want to collab with and liking three of their recent pictures
  2. Leaving 2 meaningful comments
  3. Lastly, replying to one of their stories. 

This method begins exposing you to their following and begins connection building between you and the other person. 

Another method of Annies is the 10×2 method. This includes searching through 10 hashtags or 10 big accounts in your niche and leaving 2 meaningful comments on 2 accounts posts. Of course, this is also exposing you to these accounts following in the same industry as you. 

What is Annie’s Why? 

Annie was very candid during this episode about her mental health. She has struggled with depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

“It comes back to self-worth and seeing the value in yourself” (Annie McCaskey). Chris-Beth asked Annie what her why is, and this is the answer she gave. 

She tells the audience and her followers that she knows what it feels like to wake up in the morning and think, “I don’t see a point,” but when you have that passion for something, and you’re succeeding at it, it makes it so much easier to keep going. 

Annie has developed a mindset beyond what she could have ever imagined through her entrepreneurial journey, and she works hard to achieve her goals.

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What methods do you currently use to gain brand visibility? 

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