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“Holistic fitness is the approach where we constantly ask ourselves “how do I create a lifestyle for myself as a way of life where I become a better version of my body, my mind and my spirit?” Health comes from inside and we can do little by little to improve everyday” (Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith).

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 19, our guest Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith talks about importance of Holistic Fitness.

Why do need Holistic Fitness?

There is so much misinformation and confusion in the health field for finding the right cure as well as most of them don’t work for the long term. Hence, the cure is not sustainable.

Holistic fitness is an individualized and sustainable way of being better in body, mind and spirit. It is understanding all parts for improvements, and that we can achieve sustainable fitness. Mindset coaching is where we work with things in our favor and teaching yogic philosophies allow to connect with self and others. With all this, we become better versions of ourselves from inside out. Sustainable lifestyle is important to get sustainable results. 

Their Goal:

“We strive for peak performance in body, mind, and spirit. Striving on serving others is important for us because service to others is the path to leadership. We seek harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with our planet.”

Book or resources that Jordan read and would recommend reading are: “Good to Great”  and “Think and grow rich”.

Connect with Jordan!

Instagram: @jordankilpatricksmith

Website: http://www.sordacademy.ca/  

Jordan Smith Instagram Post

When asked by Chris-Beth Cowie about what funepical he does to express self love and have fun, he replied he loves following “Ju-Jet-Su”. “Ju-Jet-Su” is concept of grappling and not hitting each other, but being down on the ground and the objective is to have your partner submit to. 

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