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“The only way to help us attain holistic fitness is by managing our lifestyle. We need to have sustainable lifestyle to get sustainable results” (Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith).

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 19, our guest Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith talks about his journey as an entrepreneur and his enterprise to achieve holistic fitness, Sord Academy.

Who is Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith?

Jordan is the co-founder of Sord Academy. They teach holistic fitness, which is an individualized and sustainable way of being better in body, mind and spirit and understanding all parts to improvements. With their flagship program of individualized training, they guarantee results. Staying fit physically, mentally, in and out, is called holistic fitness. They couple that with mindset coaching, where they work with things in their favor and teach yogic philosophies that allow to connect with self and others. How they help people: everyone now wants a quick fix for their physical fitness using the vast array of products available like pills, etc. They teach them that the only way to help us reach holistic fitness is our lifestyle and we need to have sustainable lifestyle to get sustainable results. 

Sord Academy’s Services for Holistic Fitness:

 Their system is based on combined circuit training, martial arts and yoga. They are located near Dundas, Ontario. They believe that when one trains for function, he/she becomes the best version of himself/herself physically. And as side effect of training for function, one gets athletic, in better shape, feels better and looks better. By staying disciplined and by practicing regularly, one can attain holistic fitness. Now they are launching online workshops as well as planning to launch Nature workshops (which require one to visit in person). 

Jordan’s holistic fitness entrepreneurial journey:

Jordan studied kinesiology in his undergrad, where he wondered how lifestyle diseases happen and how does exercise play into this. He worked with people with diabetes, heart disease and people with other lifestyle issues. There was a standard practice that was followed but least known was that the standard practice was not working. This is where he realized that the diseases are because of the lifestyle and unless the lifestyle is fixed, these diseases will not be fixed. Mental and social health (how you are fitting in in the community) are the important components in this journey of achieving holistic fitness.

Elements to look for in a co-founder: 

Having a clear communication, being open to growth and having new ideas are some important traits. Being truth-worthy, open-mindedness, self-aware and having the ability to move past challenges together are equally important traits in a co-founder.

Connect with Jordan!

Instagram: @jordankilpatricksmith

Website: http://www.sordacademy.ca/  

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