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Owning and operating a business is hard and applying for grants is difficult too. From the loads of documentation, research, and declinations, It’s time-consuming and a daunting process.

But we’re in this together! We guide and help you secure the grant you deserve

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What's Our Approach?


Do It Yourself

Free Session

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Make Others Do It For You

Grant Writer

We do it for you!


Do it yourself

Providing you with the tools to guide you on your journey to securing a grant

Free Sessions

Grant Writing Info Sessions provides you with the knowledge and understanding of how to write grants by giving you the tools to develop your business case and your grant blueprint.

Learn what elements are needed and the best approach to research grants available.

Monthly sessions on the second Wednesday of each month, watch past sessions.

Grant Hunter U

Designed to help you get unstuck when looking for and applying for grants. We do this by helping you to complete a Grant Blueprint that you can use for any grant that you find. 


This course is for Social Enterprise Business owners and Non-Profit founders that are on the hunt for grants and would like a guided checklist to help along the way 

We guide you through 4 simple steps




Follow up

Funding Summary

A personalized document that narrows down your funding options and discusses project ideas with you.

Grant Writing Blueprint

A blueprint grant document with messaging, structure and positioning that you can use for current and future grants if you want to write them independently or with a team.

Grant Application Review

We make sure your application is good by reviewing the work you have done, so you don’t get declined. 

Paid Sessions

Grant Writing working groups are designed to help you find, write and win grants successfully!

Stay tuned here to register for our next grant writing paid session


Make Others Do It For You

Let our team do the whole grant writing process for you while you concentrate in running your business.

Take a step to success and secure the grant you deserve!



Shamaia - grant Info Sessions experience

The advice and support was top notch. The best Grant writing session we have had.

Curtis - grant Info Sessions experience

We appreciate your work, mission, and for giving us community members access to valuable insights and information for us to level the playing field.