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Complete grant applications without worrying about being a grant writing expert

This course is for all for-profit and non-profit businesses who are seeking to obtain a grant for their business  and would like a guided checklist to help along the way.

When it comes to grants and funding there’s a lot of misinformation, from asking friends for help to supposed to get grants it’s hard to know what actually works.

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What is it about?

Grant Hunter U is designed to help you get unstuck when looking for and applying for grants. We do this by helping you to complete a Grant Blueprint that you can use for any grant that you find. 

We know owning and operating a business is hard. Applying for grants is difficult, too. It’s time-consuming and you probably have other things that you want to do. Empowered 4x’s Grant Hunter University will save your time and effort with the grant blueprint.

Join us on completing your blueprint that will be used to apply for multiple grants on your funding journey

Grant Writing Blueprint


Almost everyday there is a new opportunity to obtain funding, take a look behind the scenes how we research grants to look for all the new grants that match your business.

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Yes, you may hear that there are plenty of grants but which ones are right for you? 


Yes it is possible for you to write grants but do you really want to? I know as a business owner you have at least 10 things you would rather be doing and another 10 that needs to be done that you do no like. Learn the grant writing blueprint so you only have to write a grant once to apply for multiple grants.

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Not every grant will be successful but why it was declined is the main question. Do not waste a learning opportunity that is inside of each decline letter.

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C$1500 C$ 297
  • Complete a Grant Blueprint
  • Get a Grant Checklist
  • Apply for Multiple Grants
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Chris S - grant writing experience

Thank you for the Grant Writing Support. I have been attending the workshops and learning. I wrote my first grant with confidence.

Empowered 4x’s Grant Hunter University offers you important knowledge about grants. We help you complete a grant blueprint you can use for any grant in order to obtain the funding your business deserves.

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