Go Girl Gifts for Women

Jodi Darby

“Today [Women’s International Day] means a lot to me, it’s all about celebrating women, women who’ve come before us, women who are here now and just really celebrating all that we’ve achieved so far and where we still need to go.”  Jodi Darby, Founder of Go Girl Gifts.

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 21, our guest, Jodi Darby discusses the purpose behind Go Girl Gifts for women and its importance on International Women’s Day.

Go Girl Gifts for Women

Jodi Darby is the creator of Go Girl Gifts, a Toronto based startup offering chic, affordable, giftable items that girls of all ages love. In our Bizgrams episode, Jodi explains that her “little baby”, Go Girl Gifts is all about women. For instance, she creates custom, giftable goodies and custom gift boxes to celebrate women’s major life events. Overall, for the lives of women and girls from the ages of 2 to 92. “It’s all about celebrating everything that happens in our [women] lives”.

Working with Social Enterprises

Jodi has worked with social enterprises and different shelters to gift boxes to women. Also, Jodi wants to do more of it in the future to inspire, empower, and token women.

Resources that Helped in Jodi’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Here, Jodi talks about what resources have helped in her entrepreneurial journey. At first, she explains that the community, EDGE, Chris-Beth, and most of all her family, have all contributed in her journey. Furthermore, Jodi explains EDGE, an incubator for startups, is really great at supporting everybody no matter what stage your business is in. They have mentors and a lot of different resources to take your ideas off the ground. Moreover, she talks about how she learned almost everything from her family as they have entrepreneurial endeavors as well.

Sisterhood, Motherhood and Go Girl Gifts

Jodi explains the importance of Motherhood and Sisterhood. And how the women around her have really helped her and contributed to the success of Go Girl Gifts. Jodi mentions how brutally honest her friends are, the bond of sisterhood, where they can give honest and constructive criticism and comments about Go Girl Gifts to help her out. Likewise, Jodi talks about her mom, who is her biggest supporter. Her mom stays up with her in the early hours of morning while she is working, and has been super supportive.

Advice to Give to a Female Entrepreneur

One piece of advice that Jodi has for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to just do it and pivot along the way. She encourages entrepreneurs to put something out there and see what happens!

Connect with Jodi! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gogirlgifts/ 

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GoGirlGifts?ref=profile_head

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