Go Girl Gifts by Jodi Darby

Jodi Darby

“Make gifting fun and easy.” Jodi Darby, Founder of Go Girl Gifts. 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 21, our guest, Jodi Darby, talks about her entrepreneurial journey of creating Go Girl Gifts.

Jodi Darby and Go Girl Gifts:

Jodi Darby is the creator of Go Girl Gifts, a Toronto based startup offering chic, affordable, giftable items that girls of all ages love. Go Girl Gifts creates custom giftable goodies, and custom gift boxes. Jodi says the goal of her business is to bring smiles and happiness to everybody who receives one of their gift boxes or one of their items, sharing the positivity all around!

How Did Jodi’s Entrepreneurial Journey Start?

In our Bizgrams episode, Jodi explains that her entrepreneurial journey started pretty young since everyone in her family and practically everyone that she knows have entrepreneurial endeavors. So, the idea of entrepreneurship had always been ingrained in her.

Jodi’s first company was called Style by JJ, which started with graphic design and it evolved over time. Go Girl Gifts started as she was looking for a gift basket or a gift box for her cousins for their birthday, and she couldn’t find anything that really intrigued her or anything that was uniquely customized for her cousins. She decided to make them her own gift boxes, and with that, their friends started sharing pictures and her works started getting recognition with word of mouth. That’s how Go Girl Gifts took off.

To this date, Go Girl Gifts has an Etsy page that has gotten all 5-star reviews since Jodi has started and all of the feedback has been positive.

Challenges that Jodi has Faced and How She Overcame Them

Jodi experienced some challenges at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey with Go Girl Gifts. Her initial business idea was to partner with other brands and other companies and get their items in her boxes, and she was getting a lot of “Sorry, not at this time,” and “No”s. With that, everything that she has created was created from scratch. Now, the same big companies are coming back to her asking, “Hey, do you want to partner?”.

From these challenges, she has made Go Girl Gifts better and more customized for each customer.

Connect with Jodi! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gogirlgifts/ 

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GoGirlGifts?ref=profile_headerand

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 21, Chris-Beth asks Jodi what funepical thing she does to celebrate or show self-love. Jodi says bubble baths and Netflix are things she does to express self-love.

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie on Jodi Darby’s next blog as they talk about Women’s International Day and advice to give to female entrepreneurs, GoGirlGifts Purpose: Inspiring Women!

Watch Jodi Darby’s video, Episode 21: Bizgrams with Jodi Darby.

Based on Jodi Darby’s discussion on Bizgrams, have you ever been doubted in your life and how did you prove them wrong?

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