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“It’s important to raise awareness of different things that are going on around the world that many people may not be aware of but they can still contribute in some way” – Joelle Cowie.

On Empowered 4x Bizgram Episode 17, Joelle Cowie talks about her company Arlokea and giving back to the global community.  

Who is Joelle Cowie? What Challenges Did She Face?

Joelle Cowie is the founder of Arlokea. Arlokea is a social enterprise and jewelry company that offers ethical and sustainable accessories. Joelle wanted to start an organization that generated income and gave back to the global community. That was the main reason for starting a social enterprise.

She was inspired by Blake Mycoskie’s book Start Something That Matters, where he talks about his journey and building Toms shoes. When he started his journey, he didn’t know anything about shoes or the shoe industry but he had a similar mission. A mission to be able to help people and their communities.

Blake’s journey, his mistakes, and everything that brought him to where he is today was an inspiration for Joelle.

In addition, reading about Blake Mycoskie’s experience gave her motivation to keep searching and moving forward. With that motivation, she was able to connect with artisans and suppliers, which has been the start of her journey. 

About Arlokea and Giving Back to the Global Community

Arlokea is a social enterprise, a jewelry company that sources and produces ethical and sustainable accessories. 

They launched their fair trade collection of jewelry with products from different countries worldwide. These countries include Ethiopia, Ecuador, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and more. 

The suppliers and cooperatives that Arlokea work with around the world all have their own story. For example, women who have fled from domestic violence made the cooperative in Ethiopia. As a result, making and selling jewelry gives them a chance to rebuild themselves. In addition, the women at this cooperative use bullet casings leftover from the war a few years back. The team here uses upcycled metal and recycled leather. They turn something with an awful history into beautiful jewelry pieces. 

Arlokea’s goal is “to use ethical fashion to tackle social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty.” Every time you purchase from Arlokea, it helps people working to make a change in their communities. It is Arlokea’s mission to positively impact the global community and help others.

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To wrap up Bizgram Episode 17, Chris-Beth asks Joelle to share one funepical self-care tip. Simply put, Joelle enjoys being outside. She explains that “walking and hiking has been a huge help for me. Just being able to clear my head and just getting some fresh air has been my funepical way of self-care.”

You can catch the discussion with Chris-Beth and Joelle on having a passion for giving back to the community in the next blog, Stepping Out of Your Bubble With Joelle Cowie.

Watch Joelle Cowie’s video, Episode 17: Bizgrams with Joelle Cowie. 

Looking over Joelle’s story, ask yourself, how would you repurpose recycled material?

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