Financial Learning: is it Important for Kids?

Stacy Brown Headshot. Creator of KiddieNomics, a space to give kids financial knowledge
Photo of Kiddienomics, weekly webinar session about financial knowledge for kids.

It is important to have financial literacy at a younger age, so kids grow up with a healthy relationship towards finances and put them on a right path.” Stacy Brown.

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 22, our guest, Stacy Brown along with her daughter Miki, tells the audience why it is important for kids to have financial learning.

What is Financial Learning?

Financial learning is the knowledge and set of skills that an individual can obtain to make various financial decisions. Hence, knowing various aspects like stocks, bitcoins, digital economy etc.

Why is Financial Learning important for kids?

In the episode, Stacy stated that our schooling and education system are old. The school has been teaching topics and things that are 100 years old. It is not wrong to learn about history, culture and literature; however, we need to understand that it is essential for kids to have financial learning.

Kids need to know how to budget, save money, do their taxes and read receipts.

Learning at a young age will help them build a healthy relationship with finances in the future. Miki stated that no matter what you become and what profession you choose when you grow up, all fields must have the financial knowledge to handle your wealth.

Stacy stated that kids are the best way to spread knowledge because they won’t stop telling friends, parents and family members what they have learned in the webinar.

What else is KiddieNomics about?

Stacy Brown added that apart from financial knowledge there are other aspects kids learn that will later help them in their career.

Kiddienomics have kids from all over the community as well as many experts.

Some of the topics covered in the sessions are public speaking, how to keep a positive mindset, vision boarding, how to create a resume, prepare for a job interview, and more.

An inspiring initiative was taken by Stacy and Miki which requires a lot of effort, and it does become tough sometimes to keep ongoing.

The message Stacy shares to other Entrepreneurs is:

“if you believe in your goal, the universe will bring people who will help you in your journey.”

Finally, she mentions that the best place to find heroes and inspiration is at home after emphasizing her mother as her hero/inspiration.

Connect with Stacy:

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Based on the blog do you think you had the financial knowledge of various aspects when you were in school and if you learned all this in school it would have been of great help? 

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