Financial Knowledge: Stacy and Miki’s Fairytale

Stacy Brown Headshot. Creator of KiddieNomics, a space to give kids financial knowledge
Photo of Kiddienomics, weekly webinar session about financial knowledge for kids.

“Don’t put your limitations on somebody else, and don’t let whatever you think about something stop you from stopping your child learn educationally wise.” Stacy Brown

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 22, our guest, Stacy Brown,  along with her daughter Miki, talks about how they came up with the idea of KiddieNomics, a weekly webinar session about financial knowledge for kids.

Who is Stacy Brown?

Stacy is a Mortgage Agent and a Private Capital Professional (Dealing Representative) with Virtus Capital Management Inc. She has held various positions in the industry with some of the top lending and banking institutions in Canada for the past 20 years, including National Business Development Manager (managing over 3000 brokers), Regional Account Manager and Regional Vice President. 

Stacy has been teaching financial literacy seminars and courses for the past nine years and is the past Chair of the Financial Literacy Committee for the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (CAUFP). Furthermore, she was awarded the Outstanding Member 2015 for brokering a partnership with CAUFP Financial Literacy Committee and Toronto District School Board by helping to develop a financial literacy course to be taught in High Schools.

In addition, Stacy is proud of her recently published kids financial literacy book, co-authored with her daughter Miki. “I Will Own A Castle’ helps kids learn the value and skill of saving and investing.”

Now, Stacy Brown hosts a free weekly webinar named KiddieNomics about financial literacy for kids ages 8-13 years old.

Why did Stacy and Miki Start KiddieNomics?

Miki always had her birthday around Halloween, so she used to have a costume party and dress up as a princess. Therefore, Stacy asked Miki, why don’t you own a castle and have your birthday?. The discussion went further into detail, and Stacy understood how important it is to give kids financial knowledge.

Their book ‘I will own a castle’ is about the same idea of how a little girl wants to own a castle and describes her journey to save money while including mathematics and many financial aspects for beginners. It also showcases how disasters can affect money, and the ways you can push past the uncertain financial crisis.

Hence, while writing the book and explaining it to her daughter, Stacy understood how challenging is to talk to kids about finance. Therefore, she came up with KiddieNomics, a webinar that is every Friday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (ET), where different guest speakers explain various topics like taxes, digital economy, bitcoins, how to read receipts, and many more.

What Inspires Stacy and Miki to Keep on Doing the KiddieNomics?

In the episode, Stacy said, “It is a need of people so we cannot stop, and if you know how your work can impact someone’s life, it will push you”; to that, Miki said, “You should never give up on something that you know you have to do.”

Connect with Stacy:

To wrap up Bizgram Episode 22, Chris-Beth asked Stacy & Miki to share a funepical thing they like to do, to express self-love. Stacy said she likes to spend quality time with herself by going for walks, and Miki said she likes to be there for others and help those who need it, which makes her happy. 

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Based on the blog, do you think financial knowledge is important? 

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