Events by Dionne- What Inspired her?

Dionne Bishop
Events By Dionne

“Navigating your emotions as an entrepreneur, you definitely need that ‘why’ to hold on to bring you back up when you are down” – Dionne Bishop.

 On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 10, our guest, Dionne Bishop, talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and her company, Events by Dionne.

Who is Dionne Bishop? What is Her Inspiration?

Dionne Bishop is the founder of Events by Dionne. Events by Dionne is an event agency that produces, manages, and curates live experiences. In addition, the company helps other companies promote their brands and engage with their audiences. The goal is to increase the bottom line for both in-person and virtual events. 

Dionne’s inspiration for her company came from her experience of being in the corporate industry, where she would ask herself, “Why am I doing this? It’s a lot of work.” She worked many different jobs and positions, but she cannot do it, and she was not meant for this industry.

From a very young age, Dionne could see herself owning her own business. She loves to gather people. Also, she has a natural act for engaging people to have a good time.

From that point on, Dionne decided to launch Events by Dionne in 2009 while working a full-time job, but that did not work well. 

However, the delay of her drive and desire to own her own business did not stop her. She ended up relaunching Events by Dionne in 2016, where she was a freelancer. Due to Covid-19 in 2020, Dionne expanded her business and grew it to where it is today. 

What Makes Events by Dionne Unique?

Events by Dionne is a unique business due to Dionne’s firm belief in authenticity and sees her company as an extension of herself. 

Dionne’s company reflects her perspective on the world and how she would operate it. In general, the personality of Dionne leans towards the ability to have a left brain and right brain duality. As a result, she is thinking logically and strategically while also creating crazy activities and fulfilling dreams.

The mindset of Dionne has always been, “Okay, how can I create something but make sure that you know it makes sense, works, and it’s logical, but then it’s also fun and exciting?” It is the main reason behind the operations of Events by Dionne.

Dionne would bring her mindset to anything and everything she does. But, at the same time, she is a structured person who wants to complete specific tasks in an organized fashion.

Thus, the personality of Dionne leads into her business. She firmly believes that her ideas, creations, and the ability to back them up logistically are the reason why clients like to work with her.

Dionne offers a piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The advice is when you finally connect with a business coach and get it together. It shifts the trajectory of “Okay, now my business has legs. I really know what I need to do, want to do, and how what I do to make it profitable with sustainability in a structure that makes sense for me to grow and be able to afford the bills.” (Bishop, 2021)

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Bizgrams Ep 10

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 10, Chris-Beth asked Dionne to share a funepical self-care, self-loving tip. The funepical advice Dionne mentioned was her enjoyment of taking hikes. When the word “fun” is said to Dionne, the first thing that comes to mind is nature and trails. “I like to go out in the trees. It grounds me and connects with nature.” (Bishop, 2021)

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Watch Dionne Bishop’s video, Episode 10: Bizgrams with Dionne Bishop.

Based on Dionne’s journey and her company, Events by Dionne, what inspires you and keeps you motivated?

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