June 21 - 01:00 pm


June 28 - 02:00 pm

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This info session will introduce you to the seminar that will equip you with tools for your sales process. Turn Leads into Revenue!

Are you an office manager, business owner, marketing and sales personnel, agent, part of a business firm, consultant, etc.?

Are you in a position where you master some areas of marketing, but continue struggling with closing deals or generate revenue from leads? Or do you need help with both?

Sales and marketing are responsible for attracting, nurturing, delighting your customer and closing deals. Marketing helps generate the content to capture the audience, Sales then closes the deal

Join us as we cover the essentials of Marketing & Sales

For this weeks session get information on an “Overview of Marketing & Sales for Closing a Deal” by Alton Brooks B.A (Econ)

We have scheduled two info sessions for you to get an idea on what the seminar will be

Info Sessions: June 21st and 28th at 1:00 pm

Seminar: Starting July 5th, every Tuesday in June for two hours a day as an In-Person experience

Join us to learn more about Sales and Marketing course

Register today to close your deals effectively!

Turn leads into revenue and stay ahead of you competition!


You will:

  • Gain hands-on world-class experience to inspire and elevate you to creating sales
  • Deepen your knowledge of the sales cycle and how it relates to your business
  • Learn how to target and find your right customer and winning the business
  • Understand the motivation and behaviours of your customers
  • Know how to determine and make a price strategy and position your offering
  • Learn to maximize your customer service skills
  • Step up and stay ahead of the competition
  • Increase your revenues
  • Get discounted rates for software, hardware and printing systems from Xpress Software Solutions


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