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Looking for support for grant funding and writing? Learn and start planning for the Youth Innovations Test Grant.

Is your business a youth-led group or a youth-adult partnership?

The Youth Innocations Test Grant Fund supports youth-led and youth-adult partnerships to research important issues, explore different approaches, and test new ideas. Plan ahead with us, the grant will be available on May 31st, 2023.

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Our Facilitator, will walk you through all grants available for the Youth Opportunities Fund with a focus on the Youth Innovations Test Grant.

You can apply for a Youth Innovations Test grant with a project designed to support other youth in your community in one of these three areas:

  1. Research a new concept or issue
  2. Strategize around an issue(s) affecting people you want to support
  3. Test a new project idea

The grant will prioritize Indigenous and Black youth as part of its commitments to addressing systemic barriers to economic and social wellbeing.

How much funding can you get?

The Youth Innovations Test grants term length can range from 1 to 3 years with the maximum amount of $85,000 per year.

Yes, you can get $255,000 for a period of 3 years for your project!


  • Youth-led group that has a majority of individuals aged 29 or under at the governance or decision-making level and serves youth as its primary mandate.
  • Youth-adult partnership that has young people as its primary audience and where youth and adults share power.
  • Unincorporated group or
  • Incorporated not-for-profit with independently managed revenues no higher than $50,000 in either of the last two years.
  • Exists independent of a larger organization.
  • Is based in Ontario.

Learn more about eligibility here>>

Test grant support projects at the idea stage. A Test grant can support your group to make an impact in your community by learning something new to help drive positive change.

Join us for a whole week on grant writing guidance and let’s get your application done. You can also register for single days!

How we help?

  • Learn more about the funding opportunity
  • Discuss your project with our grant writer expert and get your questions answered

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