October 19


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Are you seeking financial support to build or grow your non-profit or social enterprise? Join us and explore funding opportunities!

Where can I attend?

  • Online – Zoom link will be sent upon registration

Join us for a 1-hour informational session called “Get Funding: Build/Grow Your Non-Profits & Social Enterprises” to learn valuable insights on how to secure funding for your organization while building capacity.

Are you passionate about making a difference but don’t have any ideas yet? No worries! This event is also for individuals with positive impactful ideas who are looking to start their journey.

Did you know that the government is giving $755,000,000 for Social Finance? Join us a learn how you can position your business/organization to gain access.

Need help to get funding to grow the team. Look no further! This event is specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate the funding landscape successfully.

During this interactive session, we will explore the different funding opportunities available to non-profits and social enterprises. Whether you rely on public funding through donations or generate your own profits, we will discuss strategies to maximize your chances of securing financial support. You’ll gain valuable insights into:

Funding Sources: Discover the various channels through which non-profits and social enterprises can obtain funding. Understand the differences between public funding through donations for non-profits and the profit generation model for social enterprises.

Grant Applications: Learn best practices for preparing effective grant applications. We will provide tips and guidelines to increase your chances of success when applying for grants and funding opportunities.

Fundraising Strategies: Explore innovative and practical fundraising strategies to mobilize financial resources for your organization’s projects and initiatives. Discover techniques that have proven successful for non-profits and social enterprises alike.

Capacity Building: Understand the importance of capacity building for non-profits and social enterprises. Learn how to develop organizational capabilities and strengthen your operations to attract funding and achieve long-term sustainability.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow founders and professionals in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. By attending “Get Funding: Buikd/ Grow Your Non-Profits & Social Enterprises,” you’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the funding landscape effectively, empowering your organization to make a greater impact.

Join us and seize funding opportunities to build and grow your social/non-funding enterprise!


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Who should attend?

  • People with an impact business idea
  • Registered non-profits
  • Incorporated for profits
  • Social Enterprise


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