Empowering the Black Community with Jodi-Ann

Jodi Ann- Helping Black Community
Malcom's Choice- Digital Platform for Black Businesses.

“Understand that you won’t know everything and look for the resources where you can find that information to professionally develop yourself and become the entrepreneur that you want to be.”Jodi-Ann Campbell.

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 7, our guest, Jodi-Ann Campbell, talks about the importance of black-owned businesses. Also, what her company, Malcolm’s Choice, can bring to the black entrepreneurial community. 

Who is Jodi-Ann Campbell? What is she doing for the Black Community?

Jodi-Ann Campbell is the Founder & CEO at Malcolm’s Choice. She revolves her business around promoting black-owned businesses and gives them a voice on her platform. Also, Jodi-Ann started the company with a purpose. Her purpose was not to create a trend but to create a lifestyle for years to come. 

Why did Jodi-Ann Start Malcolm’s Choice?

When purchasing her house, Jodi-Ann wanted to make sure that she supported and empowered the black community in Canada. Therefore, she preferred only to use their services. Later, she found black brokers and agents who assist her needs very simple. However, Jodi-Ann encountered various challenges during finding other black-owned businesses that offer home inspection. 

Definitely, she understood that countless black-owned businesses exist. But those companies weren’t given the same voice that other businesses were getting to be heard. Moreover, Jodi-Ann believes they will receive profit from consumers that wants to support black-owned businesses when she provides them a platform. 

These hurdles encouraged and motivated Jodi-Ann to start Malcolm’s Choice. She wanted to help support the various black entrepreneurs. Also, to build a stronger community that encourages purchasing from black-owned businesses.

In fact, Jodi-Ann came a long way from being a sole proprietor in 2019 to having almost 280 companies listed on Malcolm’s Choice! 

Additionally, she listed various black-owned businesses from Food & Drink to Hair Care on her website. As a result, consumers see what black-owned enterprises do. Also, they get an insight into the business, their core values, and their goals. 

Connect with Jodi-Ann! 

Facebook: Malcolm’s Choice 

Instagram: @malcomschoice

LinkedIn: Malcolm’s Choice, Jodi-Ann Campbell

Website: https://malcolmschoice.ca/ 

Bizgram ep 7
What is Something “Funepical” Jodi-Ann Does? 

Jodi-Ann enjoys turning the music to full blast and dances around. Also, she enjoys music and even stated that she could positively impact her surroundings by keeping herself content. 

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Watch Jodi-Ann Campbell’s video, Episode 7: Bizgram with Jodi-Ann Campbell.

Based on Jodi-Ann Campbell’s entrepreneurial journey, how did you promote yourself or your business to achieve success?

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