Earl Anderson’s Journey as a Financial Advisor

Earl Anderson
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“Insurance is about leveraging the possibility of something and planning for the eventuality.”  Earl Anderson

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 14, Earl Anderson talks about becoming a financial advisor and the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur. 

Who is Earl Anderson?

Earl Anderson is a Strategic Financial Advisor at Oceans Group Investment, a social enterprise that strives to build connections and wealth.

“Our goal is to help individuals create a strategic plan to help them get out of debt, build wealth, and reduce risks through services such as life insurance, investments, and financial coaching.” 

Why Did He Become a Strategic Financial Advisor? 

Earl had a career as a Nursing helper, which helped him connect to people and understand different aspects of life. But, he wanted to accomplish something to help people meet their needs. Earl began focusing on the financial needs of people and have a sustainable lifestyle. And that was the moment he went from working on physical health to financial wealth as a strategic financial advisor. 

What does Ocean’s Group Investment do? 

Earl Anderson told us that at Ocean’s Group, they focus on the three aspects:

  1. Collaboration 
  2. Sustainability 
  3. Growth

As a strategic financial advisor, his main focus is on increasing the networth of a person as well as guide them to make the right financial decisions. In addition, Earl’s focus is to provide clients with a sustainable lifestyle with as little financial risk as possible. 

Challenges Earl Faced as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, and Earl faced the same challenge. It becomes a lonely process to operate a business. It can also be challenging to find the motivation to reach your goal, and the process can be very overwhelming. 

Thoughtful Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

During the episode, Earl advised young entrepreneurs to “keep grinding and keep looking at what you want to accomplish.” He also said that when it gets lonely down the journey, always reach out to people. Take feedback and advice from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors, and reflect on that.

Connect with Earl Anderson!

Website:    https://youroceans.com/ 

Linkedin:   https://www.linkedin.com/company/oceansgroupinvestments/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oceansgroupinvestments/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youroceans/ 

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/youroceansgroup

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To wrap up Bizgram Episode 14, Chris-Beth asked Earl to share a funepical thing he does, to express self-love. Earl’s funepical thing is ‘road trips.’ For him, it is a calming experience. 

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie on Earl Anderson’s episode about risk management and how to avert it in the next blog, Risk Management an Unconscious Practice.’ 

Watch Earl Anderson’s video, Episode 14: Bizgram with Earl Anderson.

Based on Earl’s decision to become a strategic financial advisor, do you think this is something you might be interested in as a profession? 

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