Empowered 4x has created a Bootcamp to help your business get Investment Ready!

If you’re ready to create a business that not only supports your livelihood but also supports the community to create meaningful change

you’ve come to the right place.

What's Included In the
Social Enterprise Investment Readiness Bootcamp

Online instruction

Over 30 hours of live instruction from community experts to help fine tune your social enterprise operations

funding support

Access to all available funding for social enterprises and a head start on the application processes.

2 streams

One designed for those in the ideation phase and another stream for those with an established socent.

One on one coaching

The ability to sit down one on one with a coach to get further assistance with your business operation needs.

Social Entrepreneurs at affordable coworking space in Brampton

Benefits of a Bootcamp

We will hold you accountable to execute on your vision by putting the right supports around your idea.

It’s for people who are serious about transforming the status quo of business operations and stepping into the next phase with an entity that will be profitable and have maximum impact for the community. If executed right your venture will be positioned to raise additional Social Finance funds to further grow and amplify the great work that you do. 

A professional setting with trusted instructors from the community that have been supporting social enterprises or running their own.

Allowing you to focus and get to work on your business.

To hire a consultant for each area of your business can start from $5000 and up. We have brought these social enterprise experts together for you at a fraction of the cost. 

Is This Bootcamp for YOU?

Do you have a burning idea but not quite sure how to get it started or how to fund it?

 Our ideation steam is for you! You have an idea idea for a social enterprise which uses business to do good. You have determined some of the start up costs that is needed but are unsure where to get started or what your best next step is. We have designed a formula for you to follow to make the right next steps to obtaining funding and getting ready to launch.

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

Course Outline Overview

  • Mindsets for Long-term Success

  • Vision and Validation

  • Social Entrepreneurship Sweet Spot

  • Designing your Revenue Model

Stream 2 for Established Social Enterprises

You have already launched, but have hit a plateau and need guidance to the path of sustainability and position yourself for growth. You have a vision and mission that you are executing with some sales but could use additional funds to amplify your impact.

This Bootcamp is for you!

Course Outline Overview

  • Impact Measurement Overview

  • Customer Development

  • Cost Analysis and Cash Flow

  • Developing a Great Proposal and pitch

And Many More Topics

Join Our Bootcamp to Learn

  • Impact Measurement Overview
  • Alignment with UN Social Development Goals
  • Introduction of Lean Business Canvas
  • Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Financial Projections (break down of components for Financial Health and Budgeting)
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Sales Funnel Mapping
And much more…