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Jaycel Murphy- Decluttering expert
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“I help you pivot toward freedom and peace of mind through The Art of Clutter Clearing. I help you define and establish a home environment where you are free of flow.” Jaycel Murphy

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 1, our guest, Jaycel Murphy, is the expert on decluttering. She talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and her company, Love Cleaning Residential.

Who is Jaycel Murphy? What Challenges has Jaycel Murphy Encountered?

Jaycel Murphy is a Virtual Declutter Coach, Professional Organizer, and NLP Coach and owns Love Cleaning Residential. More specifically, Jaycel is the creator of The Dear Clutter Club and Co-host of The Dear Clutter Show and The Art of Clutter Clearing. Daily shows air at 12:00 pm PST & 3:00 pm EST on Clubhouse (the drop-in audio app).

Jaycel graduated as a Community Development Worker. She spent over 15 years working and volunteering in the social service sector as a Housing and Community Development Worker. Also, her experience gained through organizations such as WoodGreen Community Services, Toronto Community Housing, and communities in Mumbai, India, offered her the privilege to work with vulnerable communities. She honed a high level of empathy. Jaycel’s coaching practice stems from Neuro-Linguistic and hypnosis training. 

In addition, Jaycel teaches that we’ve been conditioned to believe that clean and healthy environments are the high point of connecting our belongings. She offers another perspective. She offers, “It’s in learning to release our clutter that we come into reality with all that we’ve been putting off… and where we have an opportunity to check in with our emotions, specifically related to the process of letting things go.” As a result of this daily practice, she continues, “This is where we discover which beliefs are serving us and which are holding us back.”  Jaycel also affirms that “clutter is more than just physical; it shows up in many forms. Emotional, relationship, time clutter, and on and on. The work we do is in identifying these limiting patterns and unblocking them. 

Jaycel has established Love Cleaning Residential due to a lifetime of experience overcoming her struggles with clutter and her passion for serving with joy.

What is Love Cleaning Residential & Decluttering?

Love Cleaning Residential is a service provider to residentials for assistance in Clutter Coaching, Professional Cleaning, and Organizing. 

The services offers on different platforms, such as a combination of individual and group programs provided online and in person. Also, Love Cleaning Residential focuses on programs that support freedom and peace of mind through Professional Cleaning and the Art of Clutter Clearing.

Jaycel believes that clean and healthy environments are the high point of the connection towards our belongings. In fact, our belongings are seen to be our emotional welling.

Thus, the idea and services behind Love Cleaning Residential are to support clients by educating them on the power of the mind and in trusted clutter clearing and professional home organizing methods that produce tangible, life-changing results.

As an entrepreneur, Jaycel established Love Cleaning Residential with a passion for decluttering homes. 

Furthermore, Jaycel offers a tip to entrepreneurs, clients, and fans. While telling the Decluttering tips for success, she said is, “Go for it, do it. Get out of your head and do it. Take action.” Jaycel mentions that you can sit there all day, but it is not happening if you are not taking action. It is important to set a foundation and identify your passion. 

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Chris Beth and Jaycel Murphy Bizgram

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 1, Chris-Beth asked Jaycel to share a funepical self-care, self-loving tip. The funepical tip Jaycel mentioned was forgiveness. When Jaycel began to see the child in her clients and the humanity in them, it brought attention to “we are just doing the best we can with what we have. People are just experiencing their life, [thus it makes] it so much easier to say ‘just do you, and I pray for you, I love you.’”

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie on Jaycel Murphy’s, the Art of Clutter Clearing, in the next blog, The Practical Guide to the Art of Clutter Clearing!

Watch Jaycel Murphy’s video, Episode 1: Bizgrams with Jaycel Murphy.

What is your decluttering success story based on Jaycel’s journey and her company, Love Cleaning Residential?

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