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Sophia Jackson
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“We talk about doing different, we talk about wanting different, wanting better; and then we don’t put the action behind it. You have to take that step and not let fear stop you! And then find out ways to De-stress with creativity”  – Sophia Jackson

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 20, our guest, Sophia Jackson, takes us through how she was able to put together her creative expertise in order to create her coloring book for adults to ‘de-stress with creativity’ and to promote mental and financial well-being! 

‘De-stress with creativity’ with Soulful Color? 

After dealing with the stress of going back to school and maintaining a high GPA, Sophia had to find ways to destress in her free time. She resorted to coloring books that would help her express herself while also having fun during the coloring process. But, Sophia mentioned how most coloring books ended up putting more pressure on her to complete them, she was also not able to relate to many of the drawings that she was coloring. Sophia took it upon herself to create a colouring book that would allow adults to ‘de-stress with creativity’ and express their inner child while also glancing over affirmations that help promote mental wellness. 

Why Does Sophia Promote Financial Well-Being?

Oftentimes various individuals in different communities avoid talking about money, finance and ownership. It is often a taboo in most cultures and in others it’s frowned upon if you mention it during a conversation. Sophia understands that various members around her, especially the ones in the same community as her completely avoid talking about financial health and money. Sophia understands why that tradition is still followed till date but wants others around her to recognize how important it is to seek advice or openly discuss financial matters. Sophia states how she wants to get rid of the stigma that still exists by explaining it to others in a very understandable approach rather than scaring them with harsh facts. Her experiences allow her to demonstrate to others how seeking out financial advisors just encourages them to spend wisely, invest in themselves and understand how to secure their wealth. Sophia feels the key to mental well-being also starts with financial well-being.

What Advice Does Sophia Have for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Sophia encourages everyone to prioritize self-care! She states not only how vital it is but also goes over how individuals can include self-care practices within their day-to-day lives. Sophia states how we set goals and envision dreams for ourselves but sometimes never even touch the starting line. She explains how important it is to not be afraid and do not let fear stop you from achieving what you truly desire.  

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