Creativity for Mental and Financial Well-Being

Sophia Jackson
Soulful colour

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 20, our guest, Sophia Jackson, takes us through how she was able to put together her creativity for mental and financial well-being through a colouring book for adults! 

Who is Sophia Jackson? 

Sophia Jackson is passionate about the connection that lies between mental well-being alongside financial well-being. From demonstrating to others how beneficial multiple sources of income are to encouraging self-development, Sophia’s main goal revolves around using creativity for mental and financial well-being to leave a positive impact on those around her along with showing them how they can live the best life possible.

Creativity for Mental and Financial Well-Being:

Sophia radiates creativity! Her skills have been used to write and produce two albums alongside creating a coloring book for adults. Sophia’s colouring book ‘Soulful Colour’ is an affirmation colouring book that allows adults to express their inner child alongside prioritizing their mental well-being to understand themselves better. Sophia emphasizes the importance that financial well-being and mental well-being coincide with one another to the people around her. Her expertise as a Child and Youth counsellor allows her to create more meaningful impacts on her clients by connecting with them and explaining the severity of prioritizing our well-being first before reaching out to others.

What Funepical Activities Does Sophia Enjoy Doing?

While Sophia does enjoy colouring in her spare time, she dabbles more into songwriting and producing, an activity that helps her express self-love! Sophia also discussed the importance of creating ‘Slumdog Millionaire Moments.’ She goes in-depth to explain how important it is to create various moments from negative to positive to validate having a life that has been lived to its fullest. 

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Sophia discusses creating your ‘Slumdog Millionaire Moment,’ do you agree with the statement above and how have you prioritized creating special moments?

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