Creative Journey To Success.

Creative Journey To Success
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“It’s crucial to think about what your brand stands for.” – Pepper Brooks.

In Episode 5 of Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams series,  Pepper Brooks talks about her creative journey to success in her business.

Pepper Brooks and her Entrepreneurial Creative Journey

Pepper Brooks is a college educator, award-winning blogger, and creative marketing strategist who blends empathy with business, art, and technology. She focuses on UX design (user experience design), web design, and dabbles in graphic design. Pepper Brooks Media focuses on working with entrepreneurs and brands “to create a strategy that will build an emotional connection through digital marketing to grow their business.”

Pepper’s creative journey to success started in 2002 when she was a teen mom. She asked herself, “What skills do I have that I could profit from?” and her family and friends told her that she was great at writing. So, Pepper made an ad written by hand offering resume writing services and taped it on bus stations. In addition, she realized her strengths and valued them, which ultimately created a way to make a profit. 

What is PepperBrooks Media?

As time went on, PepperBrooks created PepperBrooks Media, where she guides entrepreneurs and bloggers to find digital strategies to integrate empathy with their brand. In addition, she offers digital media training and workshops to help businesses grow with compassion and genuineness. In her Bizgrams episode, Pepper emphasizes the importance of helping people find a reason for their business and goes in-depth about the importance of core values to help them build their brand.

Also, Pepper created her website where you can contact her to get marketing advice and book a consultation. It includes advice about branding, marketing strategy, social media, blogging, content creation, and user experience. Since 2008, she has had over 8200+ Human Services Counselling sessions and over 3350+ Marketing and Business consultations since 2006.

As an entrepreneur, PepperBrooks has successfully assisted other entrepreneurs and brands create their strategies using digital marketing and design to optimize their businesses.

Connect with Pepper! 

Facebook: PepperBrooks Media

Instagram: @pepperbrooksmedia

Twitter: @PBMedia



Creative Journey To Success

To wrap up Bizgram Episode 5, Chris-Beth asked Pepper what is “Funepical” about her. Pepper Brooks revealed that she is a big Spider-Man fan! She has loved Spider-Man ever since she was a child. In fact, he was one of the first superheroes she drew! PepperBrooks says it makes her think about the past and her love for cartoons — a nostalgic feeling. Also, she emphasizes that these things help make us feel better and remind us to take care of ourselves.

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie and PepperBrooks in the next blog as they talk about tips on How To Grow Your Business In The Digital Economy!

Watch PepperBrooks’ episode here

Based on PepperBrooks’ entrepreneurial journey, what is one strength that you have and value?

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