Coworking Space to Innovate or Die- Is this the Future of Work Space?

Coworking – Innovate or Die

There was a time when our parents, ancestors used to go to the office where you would get all sorts of boring things. Like bad wallpapers, the claustrophobic environment, office politics, broken furniture and the list goes on. 

This modern office when compared to the traditional office, is way better than what people used to work in or are still working.

Let’s list some factors where modern offices such as co-working spaces take over the traditional workspaces.

Networking – 

Traditional Office
Fewer opportunities for collaboration and networking. The traditional offices are mundane and have a dull vibe. Monotonous routine with same people, less creativity and imagination. All these factors result in lower productivity

Coworking Space –

Tons of opportunities for networking and collaboration. You get to meet new people every day. The coworking spaces have a fun vibe, vibrant colours, full of creativity and innovation. Events and Workshops are hosted regularly which help you to learn new skills.

Resources – 

Traditional Office –

It requires a lot of time, energy and money to set up your office. To set up an office, you will need office supplies, furniture and 1000 things more to get it in shape. This process is costly and time-consuming.

Coworking Space –

Resources are readily available where you just have to plug in and get going. All the operations are handled by the managers and all you are required to do is pay rent. Coworking Space is much more effective and efficient, affordable and easy to get when compared.


Traditional Office –

The office is set up but you need someone to take care of it, right? To clean up, take care of the washrooms and all. It’s an additional cost for you to incur and get a full time or part-time housekeeper on-site because you can’t keep your office untidy.

Coworking Space –

You really don’t need to take care of the office. Everything is already taken care of before you enter and after you exit. Don’t worry, nobody will touch your desk but the whole office and common access areas. All the cost is born by the management.


Traditional Office –

The offices and their operations are expensive. Every little thing incurs the cost and you incur a lot of miscellaneous expenses running an entire full-fledged workplace. A small carpenter job to fix a desk would also cost dollars.

Coworking Space –

The best thing about a coworking space is that just have to pay rent when compared to the cost of the whole operation of running your own office. You don’t bear any expense and just have to pay a fixed rent and the number of benefits is countless


Traditional Office –

There is literally no flexibility in a traditional office. You cannot just go and sit anywhere, rearrange your table, book a meeting room so on and so forth. Come in during office hours and leave during office hours. 

Coworking Space –

These office spaces are super flexible in terms of accessibility and convenience. The spaces are usually open 24/7 so you don’t have to wait for the traffic to clear, or to get some extra work done. You can sit wherever you want to book meeting rooms as per your schedule and numerous other benefits.

Traditional Office –

The traditional office comes with utility bills with them. These include Hydro, Heat, Water and other operating expenses. It’s quite expensive and considering other expenses, you really don’t want to bear any other expenses

Coworking Space –

With coworking space, all the utility bills are taken care of. As I said before, you just have to pay minimal rent and forget what utility bills are.

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