Do you want a Coworking Space For Social Enterprise In Brampton?

Coworking Space for Social Enterprise in Brampton.

A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary objective to serve better to the society, make an impact and bring change in the society.

When we started this coworking space for social enterprises in Brampton, we didn’t want to be JUST A COWORKING SPACE but to be something better.

Today, Empowered 4X niche is to cater to social enterprises and make a home for them. This coworking space in Brampton will cater to all business and welcomes social enterprises.

We as a community take so much from society but we forget to give up.

Backed by Empowered for Excellence, A really strong Social Enterprise.

Started by Chris Beth Cowie, the inspiration is continuing and we are ready to cater to all.

Our First Virtual Office Member 

Mr Ted Harlson recently joined Empowered 4X’s community as a virtual office member. When he discussed his reason behind buying this plan from us, we were amazed.

Ted has been living in Brampton and has been observing the park where children are supposed to be playing, senior citizen coming for a walk. What he saw was something devastating. The parks are filled with garbage, construction waste, plastic. He decided to clean the park by himself and started picking up garbage. After a few months, solely handling the project, Ted was able to clean up the whole park.

We need more people like ted. He is starting a venture where he is looking for volunteers to support him and make Brampton Parks a clean place for the community.

What we have for social enterprises

At Empowered 4X, Coworking Space for social enterprise in Brampton, we have various plans in order to support your cause-driven business

1. Dedicated Desk / Workstation 

Where you can sit and work. It is a fixed desk which belongs to you and nobody will have access to it.

2. Meeting Room

Once you sign up for a plan, you get Meeting Room hours where you can conduct your workshops, events, team meeting etc. Even if you are not a member, you can still book a meeting room at an hourly rate.

3. Virtual Office

If you don’t work from space and are always on the field or at home working but need a professional address, this plan is for you. You also get access to printer, meeting room and coworking*.

4. Hot Desk

Empowered 4x – Coworking space for social enterprise in Brampton has a hot desk plan.

With this plan, you can access the facility in the operation hours and work. The main benefit of this plan is that you don’t have to pay monthly. Drop-in – Pay – Work.

6. Events and Workshops

Our community clusters are something to consider. This coworking space for social enterprise in Brampton hosts events and workshops to enhance skills, network, collaborate and innovate.

Community clusters are on the last Friday of every month where the members come together and have a good time.

7. Business CREW

Our Business Crew has some very experienced mentors who can help you with Legal, Technical, Marketing, Finance, Mentorship and much more. You can never feel vulnerable where the Business Crew is there by your side.

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