Coworking Space In Brampton – Productivity Hacks

This New Coworking Space in Brampton has these 6 Hacks to Boost your Productivity –

 It is very important to stay productive and here are we with 6 hacks to boost your productivity in a coworking space. Living in a shared economy, the coworking spaces have a lot to offer. Moving away from the traditional approach of working in a cubicle, a shared office with like-minded people and an environment that expands your horizons to think and implement are much more effective than in a traditional office. 

Having a plethora of opportunities to Collaborate, Incubate, Innovate and Network, a coworking space provides you some of the essentials to help you accelerate your business without worrying about your operations.

  • Physical Structure – The Office Space
  • Community – The people of the space you can engage, share knowledge, overcome problems and add value to your business
  • Economical/Affordable 

Coworking Space offers you improved facilities compared to your local Coffee Shop or Home Office, is flexible and gives a more cost-effective solution

There are many ways through which you can make the best out of a Coworking ecosystem, be more productive and efficient at work.

  1. Dedicated Desks Are Awesome

Using dedicated desks in a coworking space is a gem. Once you have a workstation which is totally yours, no one will come and disrupt your files, folders or stationary. A dedicated desk will avoid you moving around and sitting at a new space every day. This way, you can set up your own space the way you want it to make you more productive without you having to remove everything at the end of your day. 

Some people find it more productive to sit at different spots to think creatively. Try changing spots and scenery and see what’s best for you!

Check out more benefits this Coworking Space in Brampton has to offer here –

5 Benefits of working from a coworking space

How to be productive in a coworking space
2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

It is very easy to get distracted while you are at work, but here is a solution to it.

This is for the people who lose their focus easily and find it hard to get on track.

Using Noise Cancelling headphones at your disposal is a great way to block the external noises and make you stay focused while other coworkers are collaborating and networking and unplug those bad boys when you are done so you are good to go for collaborations and networking with the other coworkers.

use Noise cancellations headphones to be productive in a coworking space


3. Jazz It Up

There are tons and tons of live Jazz Music streaming on Youtube because they are specially dedicated to concentration, productivity, relaxation. Plug your headphones in, Jazz it up and you on another level of productivity. Listening to upbeat jazz music can increase your heart rate and help you focus on whereas listening to low beat jazz music will help you feel relaxed and calm you down. One of the major benefits of Jazz is that it enriches your mind and it helps you get in a zone where you want to create, think and concentrate. It is a perfect combination to go with a coworking space as you have the vibe, environment, community, space and the music. 


4. Seek For Help / Advice / Guidance

Smart people ask for help because the best part of working from a coworking space is that it has a community of people who are ready to help, give advice, guidance and it is not even hard to reach out to them. If you are someone who is prideful and you don’t like to ask for help on things you think you should be able to do. This eats all your time which could be utilised by simply reaching out to people and asking for help. You save tons of time if you act smart, reach out for help and get things done faster resulting in being effective and efficient. This hack plays a major role in “How to be productive in a coworking space”

Team work and support are essential to be productive in a coworking space


5. Make a To-Do List 

Map out your tasks for the day. Set goals to achieve before lunch and after lunch. You can start with small tasks which help you to concentrate and build up. Keep striking off the tasks once you complete as it will give you a sense of motivation to keep moving. This is a great method especially for people who work in a shared office to keep them on track.


6. Technology is a Saviour

A huge variety of applications out there to make your life simpler, productive and easy. Use them to your best advantage. Talk to your coworkers and get to know which application they are using because it will increase your productivity. These apps can be – 

  • An app which checks your grammar and helps you in correction
  • An app to generate your to-do list 
  • An app to sync your emails and meetings to your calendar

Here is a link to 9 best applications of 2019 to increase productivity –

being productive in a coworking space is often achieved by using the right kind of tools

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