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Christopher Trotman- Explain about Social Enterprise
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“Customer is the Luke Skywalker & you are the Yoda.”- Christopher Trotman. 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 6, our guest, Christopher Trotman. Firstly talks about the various aspects of communication for a non-profit organization. Secondly, how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur. 

Who is Christopher Trotman?

Christopher Trotman is the founder of Trotman Communications, full-service communication and marketing firm specializing in servicing community organizations.

Christopher started Trotman Communications two years ago and has over ten years of Corporate Communications experience. Also, he helped organizations across a range of sectors to refine their messaging. For example, he developed effective stakeholder engagement strategies and clear plans to scale impact.

Also, Christopher has expertise in the Community Health Centre. He worked as a Communications Officer with Access Alliance before starting Trotman communications.

Why did he choose communication as a way to help the communities? 

Christopher realized a lack of proper communication and marketing for non-profit organizations. For example, in the Community Health care centers. The bulk of their funding goes towards health care and not much on effective community care. So, they had to communicate their stories to fund the community care services as well effectively. ”Assuming that the good you are doing is recognized or acknowledged, and commonly understood, you will not be doing a good job of putting yourself in front of people.”

How did he finally manage to start Trotman communications? 

Christopher’s drive to help the non-profit organizations and other Community Health care centers. He communicates their message and effectively supports the community makes him fully transit towards Trotman Communication. Thus, he created this boutique communication services firm.                         

What are Trotman communications doing?

Christopher told us on Bizgram’s episode about Trotman Communication & types of non-profit and social enterprises. Trotman Communication ensures that the organizations constantly tell their story on various platforms such as websites and social media. In the same way, it helps to demonstrate their impact on the community. 

The challenges faced by Christopher as an entrepreneur.

Staying motivated has always been one of the biggest challenges for Christopher as an entrepreneur. In addition, there are things that you have to deal with as a small business owner that you don’t have to deal with as an employee, and it becomes tiring.

He said we need to ground ourselves into habits that can put us in the right mindset, like reading and journaling. Journaling helps in giving him perspective. He looks back at those journals to make him look back and remember why he is doing and what he is doing. 

Christopher’s advice for entrepreneurs. 

Lastly, Christopher advised the entrepreneurs on their journey:

  • Have a plan, establish a goal and follow the path to keep you moving forward. 
  • Find yourselves a community where you can ground yourselves. You may find yourself alone on this path sometimes, but having a community of people alike can keep you going.
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Bizgram Ep 6

To wrap up Bizgram Episode 6, Chris-Beth asked Christopher to share a “Funepical” thing to do, to express self-love, which is when he shared his love for camping. Christopher is an avid camper. He also said that “Camping is a great way to recharge”  and “it gives perspective to life.”

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie and Christopher Trotman on Mindful Communication Pieces for a Social Enterprise!

Watch Christopher Trotman’s video, Episode 6: Bizgram with Christopher Trotman.

Based on Christopher’s journey in communication, where do you think is the most potential and need for communication in a non-profit organization? 

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