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“It relaxes you when the surrounding is clean, anywhere, whether you’re in the workplace or at home, so I see it through the eyes of the customer, so that’s how I express my cleaning.” – Jacqueline Anderson.

In Episode 13 of Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams series, Chris-Beth talks with Jaqueline Anderson to discuss her story and journey of how Stewandy Cleaners Inc. all started.

Who is Jacqueline Anderson? What is Stewandy Cleaners Inc?

Jacqueline Anderson is the entrepreneur and owner of Stewandy Cleaners Inc., a residential and commercial cleaning company. For over 11 years, they have been keeping cities around the GTA clean and sanitary, with dependable and experienced staff ready to deliver quality cleaning services. Recently, Jacqueline won the Consumer Choice award for 2020 in the Peel Region! In addition, she has been a Personal Support Worker for ten years in Canada. She is currently working on Nurse Jackie HomeCare Agency (non medical that has significant experience in project management, customer service, and quality control).

Jacqueline’s Love for Cleaning

Jacqueline explains that she has always had a love for cleaning. Her mom was very strict about cleaning ever since she was young. However, her interest grew when she was trained at Strawberry Hills Hotel in Jamaica as a housekeeper. She was excited to learn particular ways of cleaning and how to make the guests say “WOW!” when they come.

She started her cleaning services for seniors in residential areas, and it transitioned to their daughters and to their friends. Jacqueline eventually got into offices and commercial cleaning. Their services provide commercial cleaning for offices, medical offices, warehousing offices and is currently growing to condominiums.

What were the Challenges Jacqueline Faced?

Jacqueline explains that it was a very tough journey financially. At first, she had used equipment for her services, and it was very hard financially. She also mentioned that many people didn’t take her seriously because she’s a woman in business. Jacqueline says, “We think of ways, we create our style. We had to prove to these people that listen, hey, man. A woman can take this on, a woman can clean that grime off the chandelier, a woman can do construction clean and prove to you that it is done and done to the best of her abilities. I had to prove myself many times.” She proved them wrong time and time again with her perseverance and passion. 

Connect with Jacqueline!  

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To wrap up Bizgram Episode 13, Chris-Beth asks Jacqueline what something funepical Jacqueline does to express self-love. Jacqueline says, “I’m always a people person. I’m always smiling,” which she tries to spread love and fun. She’s a person who does everything with love, not only cleaning.

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Watch Jacqueline Anderson’s video, Episode 13: Bizgrams with Jacqueline Anderson!

Based on Jacqueline Anderson’s entrepreneurial journey, what is a challenge that you overcame?

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