Business Accelerator with Raj Sanghavi

Chris-Beth Cowie and Raj Sanghavi

“Working with Empowered 4x, I got myself feeling empowered that I can transform powerful energy into another person.” Raj Sanghavi

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 15, our guest, Raj Sanghavi, talks about the business accelerator program at Empowered 4x. 

Who is Raj Sanghavi? 

Raj Sanghavi joined Empowered 4x as a digital marketing intern in September 2019. During his internship, he worked on social media, SEO, and digital marketing plans. 

Now, Raj is the marketing and operations manager and one of the first employees at Empowered 4x. He works with startups and entrepreneurs to strengthen their digital presence to connect with their clients in an effective way. His main focus is working on customer satisfaction and improving the client experience. In addition, he is responsible for aspects around the Empowered 4x membership.

As a Hub Manager, he is the right person to get in touch with any question about membership, prices, or any Empowered 4x service. 

What is a Business Accelerator Program at Empowered 4x?

As a result of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to change. Not only that, but it has caused many of them to be forced to close their doors. 

Empowered 4x recently launched their Business Accelerator program in January 2021 to help people during this difficult time. The Business Accelerator guides entrepreneurs to high performance and scalability in the fast-approaching digital economy. Additionally, it provides training, supports, mentorship, and opportunities to become investment and procurement ready.

Empowered 4x worked with 9 companies helping traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurs in business or those who experience the gap in their knowledge to develop technology-enabled businesses. Looking for ways to support these businesses, Empowered 4x created a 6-months intensive pre-seed business accelerator to help and develop organizations.

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To wrap up Bizgrams Episode #15, Chris-Beth asked Raj to share a funepical thing to express self-love. The funepical tip Raj mentioned is that he is a huge car fan. Raj already has a car, but he likes to visit different dealerships and negotiate no matter what car it is. Even Raj does not want to buy a car. He books meetings just to see how good he is in negotiations.    

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Based on Raj Sanghavi’s benefits of a business accelerator, what benefits did you find useful for yourself? 

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