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Learn How to Build a Social Enterprise and Get Funding to Develop Capacity

Imagine getting to wake up every day working on your dream of making a positive difference socially and/or environmentally.  

Your impact is expanding your network with strategic partners, accessing new markets and building a vibrant community around your brand.

Your dream work is sustainably impacting the community and profitably generating revenue. You are living your lifestyle which you desire for yourself and your loved ones. You and your community are happier, healthier and  more financially secure to keep doing great work.

Sounds crazy right?

Sounds like there’s probably a lot of work involved.

Sounds like it’s something that someone like you could never achieve.

Well, you better start believing.

Right now there’s someone out there who would literally want to support your dream and positive impact

…and we’ll be showing you how to tap into that market in just 5 days.

Welcome to Build-A-Social-Enterprise Challenge.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn With Us Inside The Challenge:

All That – In Just 5 Days.

About Your Hosts: Chris-Beth Cowie & Ryan Knight

Social Enterprise Leaders & Grant Hunter Experts

Build A Social Enterprise - Ryan and Chris-Beth

Not so long ago Chris-Beth and Ryan were grinding the 9-5 (and then a few extra hours on top of that) 6 days a week, not satisfied with the work they were doing.

They were seriously overworked…


And were desiring and dreaming a way out of a system that was not working for them…

One day, they heard 3 dreaded words,


After feeling defeated and fearful of the lack of  financial security. Losing their jobs gave them the freedom to work on their dreams. They were eager and hungry to start businesses for themselves.  Ryan started a mobile waterless car cleaning social enterprise and Chris-Beth started a youth empowerment speaking social enterprise. 

Now 7 Years Later

Chris-Beth Cowie & Ryan Knight alongside their team of experts has mastered the art of getting funds and developing social enterprises while clients’ dreams come true. 
For our clients we have helped raise over $1,000,000
Our track record:
  • Ignite Capital: $5,000
  • Youth Opportunities Fund: $603,000
  • Now Creative: $500
  • City of Brampton: $13,500
  • Alterna Savings Community Grant: $10,000
  • Investment Readiness Program: $75,000
  • TD Ready Commitment: $7,100
  • Region of Peel: $22,345
  • Toronto Enterprise Fund: $7,700
  • Community Foundations of Canada: $72,000
  • SBCCI: $179,000
  • Ecosystem Fund (Blueprint webinar): $1,315,000
  • RBC: $50,000
  • Community Hub: $325,000
  • Miro Loan $250,000
Build A Social Enterprise - Group of women hugging
Social Enterprise Challenge

Special Guests

Get ready to learn from social enterprise leaders

Zahra Qureshi

Chartered Professional Accountant, CMA

  • Seasoned Finance Professional
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Social Venture Circuit and Optinum Professional Corp.

Zahra’s goal is to support the growth of stronger social enterprise business models and innovate social impact planning and measurement techniques that are community-centered and effective.

Anne Jamieson

Social Enterprise Leader

  • Founding member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada
  • Former chair of the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable

Committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Part of the team at the Toronto Enterprise Fund that pioneered an Accelerator for Black-led and Black-focused employment social enterprises.

Your Build-A-Social-Enterprise Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step On

DAY 1 - Clarifying Your Social Enterprise Idea

We’re starting off the ‘Build-A-Social-Enterprise Challenge’ with a bang! 

In this foundational day, you’ll gain insights into the fundamentals of social enterprise, understanding what makes them successful. You’ll learn how to articulate and clarify your social initiative, ensuring it aligns with your values, passions, and desired impact. The day also focuses on identifying the gaps and challenges in the social sector that your enterprise can effectively address.

DAY 2 - Designing Your Social Enterprise Business Model

It’s time to supercharge your social enterprise with a robust business model! 

Day 2 is dedicated to designing a strong business model for your social enterprise. You’ll explore different business models tailored for social enterprises, selecting the most suitable one for your venture. The day covers revenue generation strategies, sustainable financial management, and various financing options, helping you build a solid foundation for financial sustainability and growth.

DAY 3 - Marketing Formula for Social Enterprises

This day unlocks the secrets of effective marketing for social enterprises. 

You’ll gain a deep understanding of your target audience, develop a compelling value proposition, create a strong brand identity and messaging, and learn to leverage the power of storytelling to emotionally connect with your audience. Additionally, you’ll explore measurement, optimization, and AI tools to ensure your marketing efforts drive maximum impact.

DAY 4 - Measuring and Maximizing Your Social Impact

Measuring and maximizing your social impact. 

You’ll learn how to track and plan for impact, using performance measures to assess your progress. The day covers collecting meaningful information, identifying the right indicators and data sources, and gauging performance. You’ll discover strategies to report results effectively and use data to drive continuous improvement.

DAY 5 - Testing Viability and Refining Your Social Enterprise

The final day centers around testing and refining your social enterprise to ensure its viability and maximize its impact. 

You’ll explore the balance between generating sustainable revenue and achieving social impact. The day covers analyzing revenue generation and cost structure, assessing feasibility, desirability, and viability, and reducing risk through hypothesis formulation and testing methods such as customer interviews, prototypes, and data analysis.

What Are Other People Saying About The Get Funding Challenge:


Finding the support to build my business and find grants has been a bit of a challenge for us. Being able to speak and work with Ryan and Chris-Beth has helped us to get funding for our programs and now we do not feel as stressed when looking for additional grants.

– Brenda 


I appreciate Ryan and team for the time  they took to do 5 day challenge. It was very informative and such a great virtual space to be in. Their passion definitely showed through each day. After the challenge, we have been able to get into programs and receive a $10,000 grant.

– Azetta


Ryan and Chris-Beth provided great information. The 5 day challenge was amazing  and intensive. I was able to get clarity for my business idea and it’s impact. I did the homework every day and got results during the week.

The training session were worth more than I paid for. I got a ton of value. Today my business is generating $5000 a month and we are growth. I am proud to say I am still working with Ryan and Chris-Beth as my coaches. 

– KC

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