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Jodi Ann- Helping Black Community
Malcom's Choice- Digital Platform for Black Businesses.

“Once you tell people what your dream and your vision is realized support what you want to create in the world, they will come and make themselves available to help you grow.” – Jodi-Ann Campbell. 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 7, our guest, Jodi-Ann Campbell, talks about the importance of black-owned businesses. Also, what her company, Malcolm’s Choice, can bring to the black entrepreneurial community in today’s digital age.

Making Black Businesses visible on Digital Platforms

With the over-saturation of businesses all around us, it can become almost impossible for consumers to find you. Especially if you are a black-owned business. So, to assist black owners, Jodi-Ann focuses discuss your goals with their promotion strategies.

On regular search, you may not be able to find black-owned businesses directly. It may even take a while to find relevant blog posts that highlight black-owned companies. To combat this obstacle, Malcolm’s Choice allows black-owned businesses to be founded in a few clicks. Also, it highlights their businesses activities alongside the organization’s owners.

In addition, Malcolm’s Choice can find businesses within your area by going through the map view. This way, Jodi-Ann can bring up small black businesses on a digital radar for people.

Are you able to spot how many black-owned businesses are in your region? 

When creating Malcolm’s Choice, Jodi-Ann realized that various black-owned businesses end up shutting their doors when the owner passes away. She knew there had to be a better way to not only successfully promote these wonderful companies but also allow their voices to be heard. Jodi-Ann believes that Buying Black isn’t a trend but should instead be embraced as a lifestyle. 

Moreover, Jodi-Ann dropped some advice to share with entrepreneurs within the Empowered 4x community! She stated that relationships are precious when it comes to business. Therefore, it is important to network with various other professionals within the industry. Also, you should open and discuss to meet like-minded individuals who can help make it a reality. 

Connect with Jodi-Ann! 

Facebook: Malcolm’s Choice 

Instagram: @malcomschoice

LinkedIn: Malcolm’s Choice, Jodi-Ann Campbell

Phone: 647-975-4454


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Based on Jodi-Ann’s challenges, what were some of the hurdles you came across when trying to display yourself, and how you overcame them?

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