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“If you really take the time and the right steps you can educate yourself on whatever needs to be done.” 

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 18, our guest, Andrew Irvin, discusses his passion for promoting people of colour and being a part of a positive space. 

About Andrew Irvin’s Passion

In Toronto, our music industry consists of a number of talented artists.  However, it does not really have a positive outlet.

Andrew is certain that the majority of outlets out there tend to only highlight a certain content of the music. But, that is not the music all individuals love. There is a wide variety of different genres.

During the Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams, Andrew mentioned, “Just in regards to representing our culture, it’s a big point of mine to represent all people of colour, of all ages, race, sexuality, gender, etc. and just as a different reflection of them.”

Oftentimes, online platforms are not representing individuals in the right way. Thus, Andrew makes a conscious effort to select pictures that have a positive representation.

He wants to represent the culture in a different light to get rid of the negative that’s taking place in our society.

How to Work Around Negativity to Move Towards a Positive Space

The majority of individuals are faced with the challenge of only knowing what we see. If we only see negative things, we wouldn’t see anything different. Seeing positive images on a daily basis will help to eliminate negativity.

Within our communities and programs in Toronto, there are several positive efforts done. “We need to put more of that on social media and let people know that it’s not always negativity that is happening in the world.” 

The younger generation is becoming successful. They have found ways to monetize and shift towards becoming entrepreneurs. 

“It is our responsibility to show the younger generation the correct way to help them go down the right path.”

Let’s make a positive change within our community and support every individual!

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Based on Andrew’s suggestion to move towards a positive space, what steps would you make to eliminate any negativity daily?

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